Yes, I am hopeless. A hopelessly devoted fan of Hajime Saitou in Rurouni Kenshin.
Therefore most of my own stories deal with him =^^=, also my fanart.
In my 'Link'- section you will find links to my favourite authors who write about Aoshi/Misao,
Enishi or even Kenshin/Kaoru.In my fanfiction-section are examples of their work,
and some other authors with great stories but without an own homepage.
Furthermore I added some links for historical information.
THANKS!!! And please enjoy you stay!!

updated on June 13th 2004:
I am going through the site within the next weeks, it will be changed
a little bit. The fanart-section will be working again, a new author will be added, etc.
Please inform me, if a link is not working, I may miss something.
I'll update my own stories as soon as this is done =^^=

  last update on December 15th 2006
A collection of fanfiction written by me, Morgane, Gracey, Kamorgana and a few others.
Please read carefully the descripions, there are some hentai-fics in between.

I scanned the envelope-pictures of the Japanese volumes, showing Watsuki
together with the characters of RuroKen. They are really funny!
Furthermore I scanned some pages of the manga... -link is not working! June 13th 2004!-
mainly  Saito, I have to admit. They give a wonderful impression of Watsuki's work.

link is not working! June 13th 2004
Various fanart, all related Hajime Saito.

added on Nov.20th 2002
In the extra-books 'Zoushi 1-3' there are photos from the voice actors of
the anime-series and the movie. I found them rather interesting..
[voice-actors-page1]: Kenshin, Kaoru, Sano, Yahiko, Aoshi                                    
[voice-actors-page2]: Dr. Gensai, Ayame, Suzume, Megumi, Saitou, Misao, Hiko
[voice-actors-page3]: Shishio, Soujirou                                                                    
[voice-actors-movie]: from the movie: Kenshin, Kaoru, Gentatsu, Toki, Shigure  

Links recommended by Mara
Links to my favourite web-pages about Ruroken, fanfiction, fanart, some links
for historical and cultural background included.
I'll add some more when I have time =^^=

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