Digimon Fanart!

I'm definetly no Koani, but when I sit down and draw I'm not half bad. Mostly I'm used to drawing creatures, but I'm trying to get the hang of anime people. When I draw something somewhat worthy and take the time to scan it, I'll put it up here. If you have Ken fanart, I'd be more than happy to post it here and give you credit! E-mail me!

Very good Iori... but doesn't Ankylomon have a tail?

My Art

Attempts to draw Ken!
My first ever attempt at a sketch of a person from Digimon. Ken and Leafmon. I'm REALLY embarassed of this.
*blushes* Really bad Ken sketches I did in class. Expect a lot to be added to this section.
Another Ken drawing... he was origionally supposed to be looking out a window... well, use your imagination.
This one's the only one I've felt was worth coloring so far... I can't draw hands!!! -_-'
Kenny upset. :( His hair is like that because he's lying down...
Ken recieving the Digiegg of kindness! The color got screwed up when I scaned it, and the eyes are a little wierd-looking, but it's never perfect :)
A Ken painting!!! I was sick of colored pencils.

Magnadramon! She's so cute...
Magnadramon and Kari! I CG-ed Kari's face because I screwed it up drawing. -_-'
Another Leafmon... he looks sort of rounded and squashed at the same time. LOL.
I can't draw Hawkmon... that pisses me off.
6,000 hits! (A really good Wormmon! ^__^)

Original Digimon!
An attempted sketch of me riding Dreamfoximon.
I'll NEVER get tired of drawing Aqudimon! :)
"Foximon meets Nidramon" -- a REALLY old sketch I never moved from my old site for some reason.
Prototype sketches of Shasamon and Marqumon.
Nidramon and Shasamon. :) You know... I realized I really can't draw Nidramon. Shasamon's PERFECT, though.
500 hits!! (Foximon.)
1,000 hits!! (All my Digimon.)
A button with Foximon, Nidramon, and Aqudimon that I took off the main page.
Cheatamon: a cheeta-type Digimon partnered with Max from the message boards.
Fleximon: A flexable cat-like Digimon, showing off a golden coat, who's partnered with Melanie from the message boards.
A cute Foximon sketch for no other reason than that I need to draw Foximon more often.
1, 700 hits. Shasamon and Aqudimon wave-riding... I love this pic!
A Shasamon painting! Her second hind leg is behind and slightly above the front one. -_-'
3,500 hits -- Dreamfoximon in a swirly pastel night scene!

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