Year: 1978
Starring: Bruce Li, Wang Sze (Bolo Yeung), Chang Wu Lang, Dana Lei
Running time: 88 minutes

Oh yeah kung fu carnage and gratuitous full frontal nudity, with a formula that like that you can't go wrong! I liked this movie it was cool. Every five mintues somebody was getting in a fight except one time, but that was a part with the nudity, so that makes up for it. Watch this movie if you can cuz it's good.

Bolo's idea of foreplay

The basic plot is Bruce is a cop and he teamed with Moustache(the guy has a moustache get it?) to catch some counterfeiters. The counterfeiters, Han Tin Lung and his son Steven are based in Hong Kong with branches in London and Japan. Kamura (Bolo) comes from Japan and Donna comes from London with the paper for making the counterfeit bills. Kamura doesn't like Han's terms and steals the counterfeiting plates. Han and Steven track him down and beat the sh*t out of him and recover the plates. After snooping around Moustache and Bruce are caught and almost gassed to death. In a surprising plot twist Donna saves them. Turns out Donna isn't Donna, but Interpol Agent 7 who assumed Donna's identity. The three team up to kick some ass. And then the comical ending will have you bustin' a gut.

The quality of the fights sequences is quite good, and we see some good stuff. Bruce does a nasty flying head butt. Bruce also takes on an entire karate gym. Kamura almost gets caught by the cops and gets a handcuff put on one arm. When he is trying to take it off is when Han and Steven show up. During the fight Kamura uses the handcuff as a weapon that I thought was kinda neato.

Agent 7 or Donna is a slutty tease. She shows us all the goods. She also lets just about anybody see and grope her, but won't put out. When Bruce is undercover as a cabbie he is driving her around and she tells him that he should be in movies cuz he looks like Bruce Lee. I guess that's where the title, Image of Bruce Lee comes from.

Awww damn, that's hot!

At the beginning the guy is gonna jump off a building, so they call in the Special Squad. The SS is comprised of Bruce Li in a yellow GOD looking yellow jumpsuit. The funniest part is that his shoes don't match! Oh my, how embarassing. But when the jumper loses his balance Bruce grabs him, but the guy falls anyway. Turns out the guy had a fake arm and it came off sending the guy plunging to his death. Real smooth Bruce. It also has the classic red folder marked "Top Secret", that really doesn't hold anything top secret at all.

Okay okay, I know all those nude shots weren't neccessary and I should probably put some sort of adult warning on the main page of the site. But would you rather see some T&A or Bolo's ugly mug? Yeah, I thought so. You're welcome.

"Reviewed" by Keith.

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