Northern Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Eugene Oregon
Shifu Dan Ebling is a Disciple of Shifu Anthony Clark. Shifu Ebling is a ninth generation instructor of 7-star Praying Mantis under the lineage of Wang Lang, an early Qing Dynasty monk of the famous Shaolin Temple. After completing the rigorous requirements for being an instructor of the system, and passing a traditional examination, Shifu Ebling is currently offering instruction in the Praying Mantis Kung Fu style. He invites anyone, beginner to advanced, to learn this authentic Chinese martial art.The curriculum of Shifu Ebling's courses include the traditional basic principles and techniques common to all Northern Chinese systems of Kung Fu. Also, the numerous open hand and weapons forms are taught along with their application. Weapons taught include the staff, spear, sword, saber, three-sectional staff, nine-section steel whip, double hook swords, twin sabers, executioners knife, and Guan's halberd. As students advance, Shifu Ebling will teach the drills and methods of sparring and sticking hands. Please e-mail at [email protected] for information.
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