* Hi Terry! To start the interview,we're going back to the very beginning.
   I know, it's a long time ago but can you remember how HEIR APPARENT came alive.

I started the band in the summer of 1983 under the name SAPIEN with Jim Kovach on drums and Scott Bringedahl on bass. Derek Peace replaced Scott,and Cory Rivers joined as our singer when we called ourselfs NEMESIS in early 1984.Paul Davidson replaced Cory a few months later, and i changed the name to HEIR APPARENT!

* Where did you found the other members? Did you guys were friends or was it an  audi-
  tion that brought you all together as a full Metal band?

I'd known Jim since 1978. We were both in our first band called SNOWBLIND.Paul sang for my band RENEGADE in 1980/'81. Derek and i played in a couple bands during 1979-80, but wasn't until 1984 that i could get all of them together in the same group.

* Your debut album entitled Graceful Inheritance was a real success which was released
   on Black Dragon Records. How did an American Metal band get involved with a
   French record company?

I sent demo cassettes to Frank Trojan at ROCK HARD magazine in Germany in the
year 1984-85.Black Dragon heard us from them, and they hunted us down through a salesman at a local record store in Seattle. We borrowed money to record the first half
of Graceful Inheritance, and signing with Black Dragon gave us the money to finish the album in october of 1985.

* Tell me something about the response from the audience. Is it true that the English
   Metal magazine KERRANG wrote some negative things 'bout the Graceful Inheritance
   release and was was your reaction anyway?

I met a writer of Kerrang when he was visiting Seattle to do a story on Q5.
I guess there  was  some  competitive politics going  on  between some local bands back then. Everyone  else  in  Europe seemed  to  like Graceful Inheritance, but  it  made  it
difficult for us to get the album recognized or released in the US after the largest English magazine gave us a bad review. KERRANG loved Queensryche and Q5, but not us.

* The man behind the drumkit named Jim Kovach leaves the band after the G.I.album.
   Who was the replacer and was he hard to find?

Jim Kovach left the band one month after we recorded our five song demo in 1984.
We had never played a show. Jim was replaced by Ray Schwartz one month later, and we played a few gigs before beginning to record the first album in the spring of 1985.

* After all,your first singer,Paul Davidson, also leaves the band.He was a very unique
   vocalist to me and that must be very hard to relace that guy, wasn't it?

Paul  left  in  May of 1987.He  was  replaced  by  Steve Benito  within  a  few  weeks. The transition was actually quiet easy.

* Your second album entitled One Small Voice was a more progressive album included
   the Simon And Garfunkel cover'The Sound Of Silence'. Can you tell me more about
   that situation?

Actually, i always wanted to do a classic song with a modern arrangement, and i thought we might finally get attention in the US with that song. It is widely recognized by genera- tions of people, and i've received very good response from it over the years.

* That was a Metal Blade release as far as i can remember. Do you still have contacts
   with them? If the answer is no, what's the reason why?

Metal Blade made poor judgements in 1989 during the band break-up. When i decided
to  reforme the band, i'd contacted Brian Slagel to make peace and reissue the album. We  had  an agreement  that  would pay  me  for my  services in  the re-mixing and re-mastering of One Small Voice. I also created new artwork for the CD. After i worked a full months completing the project, Brian Slagel changed the terms of agreement at the last minute. I will not accept anything less than fair treatment, i cancelled the deal. Metal Blade ruined their opportunity to release  the  greatly improved CD in  time, for  our reunited  appearence at the Wacken Open Air Festival in 2000. They made another very poor judgement by not paying me for my services.

* After the release of One Small Voice, what was really happened then?
   There was a few years of silence, did you hide yourself away from the Metal scene?

I was secretly and illegally removed from my band. I spent two years to settle the matter in court, and win back my name. After the coup and betrayal, i left the music business for 10 years. It is an ugly story that i will not bore you with. All that matters now is that i have been vindicated!

* What's your vision on the Metal then and now? Something's really changed or not?
Some  things  are very different, some  are the same. It  is very encouraging to be in the
position i am in now. We have the chance to do this again, and do it right this time.
There is a void to fill.

* Anyway, i'm glad you guys are back! Who are the new members in the HEIR APPA-
   RENT camp today?

Bobby Ferkovich has been the bassist for the past two years. We are still looking for a qualified drummer for the new album. Although there is a healthy Metal scene here in Seattle, and many bands, quality musicians are very hard to find these days! And we have a new vocalist...

* I heard a new track on the website and it really kick ass! Great US Metal, but who the
   hell is that fabulous singer? Where did you fing him?

Thanx, i'm glad you like it. Our new vocalist is Mike Blair. He lives in New Jersey, 3000 miles from Seattle. I flew him over here for a week to meet him and see how we might work together.It was a great visit. We developed a fast chemistry for song writing. I'm very happy with the results. Several songs were written, and a recorded ''Synthetic Lies/ SAVIOR''on the last day Mike was here, i used my computer with a drum machine for the recording. Mike will be moving to Seattle soon, and we'll be able to finish the new album much faster.

* What can we expect from the new Heir Apparent album?
We'll finish the album as soon as possible. We hope to have it completed by fall. We are
talking to interested record companies now, but we might stay independent this time and just license territories to different companies. It depends on the quality of support we are offered. I can't discribe the music. That job is best for the listeners. You can be prepared for intensity and emotion, with all the elements you would expect from Heir Apparent!

* Well Terry, i hope the new album shows up really soon! All the best working on it
   brothers, keep up the good works anyway! Any last comments to our readers?

We  want  this  album  to be the very best  it  can be. We look  forward  to seeing you  in concert.THANKS!
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