Site showing recent figure sculptures by noted American figurative sculptor Rod Patterson 
Mermaid 2001 by Rod Patterson dial 319-626-3254 Wally by Rod Patterson
Wave Rider---or MERMAID, 53x48x23 inches. Designed as a ship's figurehead.
For luck or tradition, the carver's art of the figurehead has led many a ship oer the world oceans and carried their crews safely home.
Mermaids and mermen have been a common theme for millennia, in part, because they represent the hybridity, ambiguity, and in-between-ness of human existence and the sub-conscious desire to return to the waters from whence we came.
Wally  portrait head. Commissions for portrait heads, busts, or full figures will be welcomed. Call Rod at 319-626-3254
or, send pictures and requests to Rod Patterson @mandali studio 2004 blue heron rd.n.e.
North Liberty, Iowa 52317
ISIS rising by Rod Patterson
Persian War Vet  by  Rod Patterson
Persian war vet. 8x22x10 inches.
Patterned after a Greek original, with a twist. The Persian war lasted over 10 years so the vets were a tad grizzled by the time they returned home. He is middle aged, leather tough, hard as nails, a tad paranoid, and has a minimalist painting of Aphrodite on the inside of his shield. And his enemies were wondering why he was smiling while facing them in battle

  ISIS rising from her dream of OSIRIS with the conception of HORUS 70x25x38 inches (available in cast or bonded bronze) call Rod Patterson at 319-man-dali
For the complete myth about this GODESS and these GODS please see webpage
SWIMMER 1/0 scale model for a fountain installation. Model will work well in a more modest fountain.
LYNN    by  Rod Patterson

SWIMMER 29x14x12 inches.
This is a 1:10 study for a fountain piece.
Swimmer study piece is available in hot cast, or bonded bronze.
If you are interested in commissioning the full-sized fountain, partial corporate funding is available for certain public applications, please send prospectus and details to Rod Patterson
2004 Blue Heron rd.n.e.
No. Liberty, ia  52317
LYNN  She was a dancer, and we were so much younger. Lynn is available in cast or bonded bronze 30"x65"x18"
call for pricing and availability
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