Calculated decisions

Weighting different aspects in making decisions

When you have to take a decision about a purchase of an certain object (e.g. a car) or the choice of a candidate (here also called object ), you have to make a choice between different options (e.g. BMW-320, Mercedes-c180, etc) or different job candidates (here also called options).

With the aspect-group-selector you may first select a certain pre-defined aspect-profile. You may change this profile by changing the predefined aspects in your own aspects.

Now fill in the object name and the different options

For each option you valuate (as objective as possible) the different aspects (e.g. price, reliability or salary) (100=excellent; 0=very bad) by moving the  dark-blue  sliders.

Next, for each factor you define your personal relevance rating (100=most relevant to you; 50= indifferent; 0= not relevant at all) ) by moving the  light-blue  sliders.

When you are done, the results of the weighting process are automatically calculated for each object. The best choice is rated as 100.

Finally you may select different weighting methods by changing the weighting-importance-slider (moving the  green   slider on the screen).

The standard value for this slider is 3. In the standard position the valuation of the options is calculated as a linear combination of the factors with the relevance as a weight ( Formula I). By selecting a higher weighting-importance value (4 or 5) you over-accentuate your personal relevance. By selecting the value 2 you diminish your personal relevance flavour and by selecting the value zero (0) you eliminate your personal relevance completely.

This way you are able to analyse how your personal flavour influences your final choice.

Normally when you have to make a decision, you mainly focus on one or two different aspects. With this calculator it is possible to take more balanced decisions by weighting multiple aspects.

Enjoy your decision process !

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J.N. Berkemeijer / September 2002
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