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True-False Question

Question 1

Apriyani Rahayu is an Indonesian badminton player specializing in doubles. With Greysia Polii, she won gold medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Apriyani is tomboy. She is an independent person. When she was six, she had been taught to be independent. She used to sell vegetables to her aunts. Her late mother taught her how to be an independent and tough woman.


The second paragraph describe the personality of Apriyani



                                                                                              January 19, 2022

Dear Mitha,

How are you? Thanks for your letter and gift. I really like the gift. How did you know that I like collecting hats? I will wear it.

I'm interested in your daily activities. Even though you stay at home, you can earn money. Well, since I read your letter, I felt motivated. Few months ago, I learned knitting from videos. My grandma also taught me. Two weeks later, I could make shawls for babies. Then I posted the pictures of the shawls on my social media. You know what? My aunts and neighbors ordered them. I'm really happy.

Well, because of you, I got a new hobby. Thank you, Mitha. Send my regards to your parents!


P.S. I send a shawl for you. I hope you like it. Best,







 The topic of the letter is ... .



asking for help


delivering bad news

Giving advice




Infographic contains information for the readers. From the infographic, what information can we get?


The definition of fairy tale.

What fractured fairy tales are.

How author fractures fairy tales.

Some ways to fracture fairy tales.

Examples of fractured fairy tales.


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