A Site about Maltese Fakes.


* The 'Royal' Patron of the Foreign Titles Assocation of Malta

* Emperor of the Byzantine Empire in Malta

* Emperor of the Byzantine Empire in Malta-Part Two from Guy Stair Saintly

* Interesting data on the Maltese Titles Committee (COP)"WHAT THEY SHOULD BE DOING INSTEAD OF WHAT THEY ARE DOING"

* The so-called Marquis Drago

* The So-called Spanish Marquis de Piro

* Interesting Data on some Maltese Titles

* The Royal House of Comino
"Great Site to View-Are they the Foreign Titles Assocation?"

* A Heap of Data on the Maltese Titles

* Fake Maltese Noble Connection with Style of "dei Conti Ciantar-Paleologo"


* Other "So-Called Knightly Orders, Part One."

* So-Called Knightly Orders, Part Two."

* "So-Called Orders of St John, Part One"."

* "So-Called Orders of St John, Part Two"."

* "So-Called Orders of St John, Part Three"."

* "So-Called Orders of St Lazare"

* "Further data about how legal the FTHA are. The Author is Guy Stair Saintly. Also Author of most data on this Web-Site "

* Evidence of Knightly Orders 'Real and Fake' from Guy Stair Saintly.

Many Thanks to those sending myself with new data, All names are with held apart from those FAKES.
Please E-Mail-Mr Tony Buttigieg for comments and if you would like to send data of New Maltese Fakes. All data would be appreciated.



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