Water Apple (Jambu Madu)
Syzygium aqueum Alst
Water Apple is also known as Jambu Air or Jambu Madu. It's a pear shaped fruit with waxy skin and crispy flash. The fruit is often juicy, with a subtle sweet after taste; more so for the  Jambu Madu variety.

Origin and Distribution
The water apple fruits grow naturally in South Asia and South East Asia Region.

In Malaysia, there are basically 2 crops in a year, usually from March to June and from September to December.

Uses of Water Apple
Fruits are usually eaten fresh, out of hands. Fresly cut, chilled Jambu Madu are best eaten raw immediately.

Quality Criteria
Not established.
Jambu madu
Heavenly Sliced Jambu Madu
Market Price in Malaysia
RM6.00 to RM7.00

Availability of fruits

Please call us for availability.
Jambu Air is selling at RM6.49 per kg
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