Colt 30 Cal Gatling Gun Model 1900 Army

These drawings have been scanned and stitched together from poor-quality 11x17 xerox copies of the originals. A significant amount of cleanup was necessary to remove dark areas, speckling, scratches, blotches, and so on. Some small dots and dashes that were meant to be part of the drawings may have been removed by mistake. In particular, many of the arcs had small dots near where their centers should be, which were probably pinholes left in the original from the draftsman's compass. In some places, these dots have been left in place, but in most, they have been cleaned out.

The scanner used was a standard 8.5x11 model. Wherever possible, multiple scans were carved up and stitched together so that the individual sub-drawings were edited into the final image from a single scan, however, some of the larger drawings have had to be scanned in two parts. This is the case in sheets 3 ("frame" drawing), 4 ("feed guide body" drawing), and 7 ("barrel" and "main shaft" drawings). The noticeably curved/wavy lines on the left side of Sheets 3 and 7 are flaws in the xeroxes, not artifacts from scanning. Also, the hard-to-read numbering is just as hard to read on the xeroxes (note that the small blotches above and to the right of most of the dimensional numbers are inch marks (") put in by the draftsman).

A sample of a "raw" scan is here (600dpi 4308x3570 213K) and here (300dpi 2154x1785 82K). This shows both some of the worst (lower right) and typical (rest of drawing) quality sections.

There are eight drawings in the set. The "thumbnail" views which are displayed on this page are 1020x660 at a reduced 60dpi. The "medium-sized" images are 5100x3300 at 300dpi. The "full-sized" images are 10200x600 at 600dpi (the resolution originally scanned).

This site is now done, as much as any ever are. No further updates are planned.

Note:  Full-sized 10200x6600 images may not be viewable on some browsers.

Sheet 1 of 8 - Dec 13 1905

Medium-sized version, 223K GIF image 5100x3300 (300dpi)      Full-sized version, 595K GIF image 10200x6600 (600dpi)

Sheet 2 of 8 - Dec 6 1905

Medium-sized version, 246K GIF image 5100x3300 (300dpi)      Full-sized version, 653K GIF image 10200x6600 (600dpi)

Sheet 3 of 8 - Dec 2 1905

Medium-sized version, 185K GIF image 5100x3300 (300dpi)      Full-sized version, 499K GIF image 10200x6600 (600dpi)

Sheet 4 of 8 - Dec 13 1905

Medium-sized version, 198K GIF image 5100x3300 (300dpi)      Full-sized version, 534K GIF image 10200x6600 (600dpi)

Sheet 5 of 8 - Nov 1 1905

Medium-sized version, 444K GIF image 5100x3300 (300dpi)      Full-sized version, 779K GIF image 10200x6600 (600dpi)

Sheet 6 of 8 - Nov 6 19??

Medium-sized version, 309K GIF image 5100x3300 (300dpi)      Full-sized version, 813K GIF image 10200x6600 (600dpi)

Sheet 7 of 8 - Dec 5 1905

Medium-sized version, 304K GIF image 5100x3300 (300dpi)      Full-sized version, 802K GIF image 10200x6600 (600dpi)

Sheet 8 of 8 - Nov 7 1905

Medium-sized version, 196K GIF image 5100x3300 (300dpi)      Full-sized version, 527K GIF image 10200x6600 (600dpi)
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