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MBT Monthly Activities
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MBT Activities for the First Half of 2019
Temple activities for the first half of 2019 are listed here.

MBT 6th Junior Novitiate Programme
The MBT 6th Junior Novitiate Programme shall be conducted as follows.
Leading Life Towards a Brighter Path
Date: 1st~9th June 2019
Venue: MBT

The details and application form shall be made available by then.
Please direct your inquiries to Sister Chew Siew Choo via this email..

Amata Free Medical Services
These are the free services offered by Amata Free Clinic. Please click the Amata icon above for pictorial description.

Mahindarama's Participation at the Jade Buddha Exhibition
View the moments captured during our participation at the Jade Buddha Exhibition at the Penang Time Square here.

Blood Donation Drives 2019: 3rd March, 26th May. Time: 9:30am to 12:30pm.
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Mahindarama consist of two Pali words namely Arahant Mahinda, the name of a famous Missionary Buddhist monk who was also one of King Asoka's sons, assigned by the father himself to introduce the Buddha-dhamma to the Island of Tambapanni ( Modern Sri Lanka ) some 2000 years ago.

The second word, Arama basically means a holy place, a shrine, a temple (Vihara) or a place of refuge. Therefore Mahindarama, is a place where the people of the beautiful Island of Penang (Pearl of the Orient) go for their refuge to the Triple Gems (the Buddha, His teaching - the Dhamma and the Holy Order - the Sangha).

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Kathina Celebrations

Significance of KATHINA - To view15th - 16th OCT 2011 Kathina Celebrations Program, please click here .

In Pali "Kathina" literally means unshakeable or immovable. The merits accrued in offering this kind of robe is unshakeable by the other small demerits. Whenever the donors of Kathina Robe enjoy the results of theese meritorious deeds in Samsara, the other small demerits - except the Five Weighty Kammas - cannot interrupt or cannot shake its effect just like the great Earth or Mt. Meru cannot be shaken by the wind. Therefore, it is called "Kathina".

In Buddist countries such as Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia, the annual offering of the Kathina Robe has assumed a great auspicious significance and this religious function receives even the Royal Patronage and favour. As such, devotees wait for this important annual occasion with great enthusiasm to take part in the celebration.

Kathina Robe annot be accepted by all monks. Only those monks who have received the Higher Ordination and observe the Vas - Rains Retreat for three months, can accept the Kathina Robe. Those who are novices, those who have broken the Vas and those who have ignored the observance of Vas are not eligible ot receive this Kathina Robe. The Kathina Robe also cannot be accepted by an individual monk. The donors offer the Robe to the Sangha - the Community of Monks. Therefore, according to the Vinaya - Disciplinary Rules, there must be at least five Higher Ordained monks to receive the Kathina Robe. After receiving the Robe, the Sangha will asseble in a Sima ( Chapter house for reciting Vinaya Rules) and unanimously choose an appropriate monk to receive this precious Robe.

A Bhikkhu who is bound by the numerious disciplinary rules in his life time, is also entitled to get a little relaxation or remission from a few minor rules, only for a few months after receving the Kathina Robe. The donors of the Kathina Robe will receive an immeasurable merit which will lead him to attain the Final Emancipation, after enjoying the heavenly and human bliss in Samsara. - Cyle of birth and death.

Unlike the other meritorious deeds, the offering of Kathina Robe cannot be performed at any time, but only within thirty days i.e. from the Full-Moon day of October to the Full Moon day of November, can this offering be done, Even on the same day and only in one place one Kathina Robe can be offered. Therefore, the offering of Kathina Robe is very rare significance and golden opportunity.

Devotees are encouraged to particpate in the Kathina ceremony.


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Puja Sunday Dhamma Class
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Amata Free Medical & Diabetic Centre   

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