The Sadhana of (Buddha Mother) Sitatapatra with the White Parasol

The most respectful (crown of the head) White Parasol

Invocation- The Visualization and Mantra Recitation

hum First, visualize the universe in the color white. Then, the whole universe dissolves into a white "Om" syllable. Then from the white "Om," arises the Buddha Mother Sitatapatra. (Sitatapatra has one head, two arms, three eyes (the third eye in located between the eyebrows), her left hand holds a parasol, the right hand is in the wish-bestowing mudra, and she sits in the meditation style on a lotus). Recite the long mantra 7, 14 or 21 times:

om Om sarva tathagata anika sita'tapatra hum phat svaha

Om! All blessed-one splendour White-Umbrella Hum Phat! All hail!

Entering the Samadhi of Sitatapatra

Visualize that the parasol of Sitatapatra covers you and any thing you want to be protected (family of this life and previous lifes, community, country,.. etc. Be sure to visualize those images clearly around you). Then visualize Sitatapatra's crown chakra opening, and a white "Om" comes out and forms a parasol. This parasol also covers all things to be protected.

While fixing your mind on the last mental image, recite the short mantra hundred times until you enter Samadhi (a pure, single mind fixed on the deity) and even forget reciting the mantra itself.

hum Hum Ma Ma Hum Ni Svaha!

Purport: Don't let the counting to interupt your visualization. Recite many times as required to enter Samadhi when one's mind power put to work and the transformation begins. Uniting with the deity (yoga) and receiving blessing is the belief of other schools, it is NOT according to the Vajrayana tradition. However, the blessing, the power and the qualities of the deities are regarded as being innate, as being within ones own mind. Through regarding oneself as the deity, defects are gradually eradicated and good qualities gradually revealed because the potential to transcend our problems is innate rather than external to us. The ritual is only a vehical which might not be needed at the ultimate end (Dharma nirvana).

Praising Protectress Sitatapatra

Leave Samadhi and recite the following praise:

Abiding in the selfless void,
manifests a white Sitatapatra
With one face, two arms, and three eyes;
Wearing a jeweled crown and layers of celestial garments.
Every palm possess an eye,
Her left hand holds a parasol and her right forms the wish-fulfilling,
She sits in the in the Full Lotus position on the lotus-moon;
Om Vajra samaya Jah!


Recite the dedication prayer once:
The Supreme Crown of all Tathagatas,
Manifest on the clouds in the heavens.
The powerful and liberated White Parasols,
I prostrate to every one of them;
May my practice of the White Parasol,
speedily accumulate the invincible Dharma Light,
Shielding all beings and subjugating all maras;
Together, may we all soar to the Buddha-Lands!
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