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February 9, 2009 - Fixed a minor bug, dealing with the word "on." Added/revised a few responses that were lacking.

February 8, 2009 - I am announcing the release of "Tex McPhilip in A Destiny of Sin." It can be downloaded below with the other games. I think I eliminated any and all major bugs, but if you find any while you play it, please let me know. My email address is magickpoultry AT gmail DOT com.

February 7, 2009 - I have re-opened my website at this new address in advance of the release of "Tex McPhilip in A Destiny of Sin." I am currently in last stages of debugging, so it is coming very soon. I will also create more detailed sections for my other games. Under construction...

AGI Games

Tex McPhilip in QUEST FOR THE PAPACY: Join Tex, a mysterious figure who may or may not be completely insane, as he embarks on a divinely ordained mission to become the new pope. This was my first game. It's very crudely made. It contains violence and blasphemy.

Tex McPhilip in ROAD TO DIVINITY: Tex, now the pope, sees too much bloodshed under his god's reign, so he decides on another blood-soaked quest, this time to ultimately become the new god! While a definite improvement over the first game, it's still quite simply made. It, too, contains violence and blasphemy.

TONIGHT THE SHRIEKING CORPSES BLEED: In the town of Memory, the dead sleep uneasily. John Mordred, garbageman, takes on the zombie hordes in a quest to rid the town of its curse. The game contains blood, gore, and horror themes. It makes use of a basic combat system.

Tex McPhilip in A DESTINY OF SIN: Tex, now Almighty God of Everything, must deal with mankind and its incessantly sinful nature. His bloodlust and desire for vengeance have limits, it turns out, so he can't go on punishing the humans forever. This is a much more developed game than the previous two in the series. As such, in addition to the standard violence and blasphemy, it contains one or more of the following: gore, nudity, sexual depravity, profanity, and poop.

AGI Links

AGI Development Site: In order to play any of the above AGI games, you will need an interpreter. I recommend NAGI, which can be found at this link.

ScummVM Homepage: AGI games can also be played using ScummVM, good if you're using a Mac, for example. I have noticed a few very minor graphical glitches using it, but nothing significant. Another great source of AGI information, including a list of fanmade games.

AGI Forum: The best forum for questions/discussion about AGI.

Other Links

MagickPoultry's YouTube Channel: Videos of me singing. You know, I won a singing contest. Granted, it was for terrible singers, but still...

E-mail me with any questions, comments, or riddles at magickpoultry AT gmail DOT com.
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