Amazing Testimonials - Continued

Carla Ingolio
She had poor circulation and pain and stiffness in her legs and feet when she woke up in
the morning. It would, as well, take forever for a bruise to heal. She used to wake up tired
and exhausted even after sleeping through the night. Since on NITEWORKS, for the
first time in 25 yrs, she has no pain in her legs! Woke up with no alarm, wide-eyed, and
ready to go! She now has more stamina and endurance during the day!

Mike Slater in Arizona
Mike is a diabetic and his blood sugar ran high. He'd wake up feeling dis-oriented
and was having numbness in his feet. Now he's able to jump out of his bed
and has got feeling back in his feet!

John's mother (Carla's mother-in-law)
She had a heart-attack and half of her heart was actually dead.  She had poor circulation, high blood pressure and emphysema.  After 2 days of being on NITEWORKS, her blood pressure dropped which forced her to cut back on her blood pressure medications.

Ricky Medico from San Antonio
Ricky is a diabetic. When he got sick he became basically dead to the world, was in bed
for 3 or 4 days... He did not talk to anyone or answer the phone. He was sick when he took NITEWORKS for the first time. The next morning he jumped out of bed.
He had so much energy. He didn't get sick!

Craig Tsutakawa
Glenna's boyfriend, Ray... He had 3 heart-attacks since age 38.  He only had 15-20% of his heart left and was due for a heart transplant. After 3 days on NITEWORKS, he's now able to breathe and talk normally. He could sleep through the night and the chest pains are gone!

Chris from Arizona
He had an accident. He had major headaches and problems with his
tissues. After taking NITEWORKS, his leg muscles were better without doing
any exercises. He felt circulation through his shoulders and blood flowing
through his neck the very first time after the accident!

Amy from Cincinnati (teenager)
She was diagnosed with a biochemical imbalance. She would have mood swings everyday
and mild anxiety attacks off and on. The doctor wanted to put her on Prozac. After taking
the NITEWORKS, the very next day she noticed that she's more emotionally stable.
She is able to think clearly although she was also diagnosed with a math disability.
Her memory has improved and it makes her feel more confident!

Larry Word from Columbus, OH
Respiratory Endurance - He was diagnosed with a disease, cysto mylosis, a fungus he got
on the farm when he was growing up. He had low endurance, pain and discomfort in his chest. If he rode an airplane for more than 3 hrs he would be sick for 2 months. He could only
last 3 mins on a treadmill at 3 miles per hr. After 1 week on NITEWORKS,
he could double his time and now he is up to 18 mins with a 15% grade!
He can now walk much faster with having no discomfort in his chest!
He said you have to keep the immune system strong. And NITEWORKS does that!

Mae Waggoneer's mother-in-law
She is a nurse in a pediatric hospital and a doctor did his Dissertation on Nitric Oxide. 
A little boy, 7-yrs-old, had a stroke when he was 4-yrs-old. Doctor thought Nitric Oxide
would help him if you could give it to him in a cocktail and Niteworks is a drink.
5 doctors came around while during this conversation, wanting to know more!

Carol Beard
Her mother's doctor had her on very strong blood pressure medications from
June 7-18 and in 11 days it had not changed. In one week on NITEWORKS
it went down 30 points!  This is huge!


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