The Olympic Bouquet

The Olympic Bouquet The stunning Olympic medallists' bouquets at the Sydney 2000 Games consist entirely of native Australian flowers. They did not only enchant the athletes that received them, they showed the beauty and uniqueness of Australian flora to a worldwide audience of billions.

Over 2000 identical bouquets were presented to medallists during The Games, representing a massive logistics exercise in term of both the supply of the flowers and production of the bouquets.

The 12 varieties of flowers and foliage used in the bouquets are only a fraction of the huge range of Australian native flowers. They have been carfully chosen to include some of the country's most spectacular flora, some of our best known cutflowers exports, and some very new and superior flowers that have been scientifically bred to meet the demand of the international market.

The bouquet has been carfully designed so that the colours and texture of each flower and foliage are complimentary and that the shape and form of each is desplayed. They show the vibrant yet earthy colours and textures of the Australian bush and send a message to the world about the nature and beauty of our flora.

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