What is Dune?
Below is a brief synopsis regarding Dune, those new to the Dune universe, just read on...

Dune is widely regarded as the greatest science fiction (sf) series of all time.  The first book, which is in fact made up of three smaller books, is named, you guessed it, Dune.  Written by Frank Herbet (1920-1986) in 1965, Dune is an epic, far-sighted tale of love, treachery, power struggles and alien worlds.  It is set in the year 26,391 (unlike the film which states 10,191 in most versions) and involves several main galactic powers, as well as large 'Houses' which are essentially extended families which control and run portions of the galaxy.  All these people are presided over by a Padishah Emperor - Shaddam Corrino IV.

The main protaganists in Dune are House Atreides - a noble and ancient house which has made its home on the planet Caladan for centuries.  The book begins when the Atreides family prepare to leave Caladan having previously been awarded the fief of Arrakis by the Emperor, which had been run by the evil, greedy House Harkonnen.  Arrakis is of prime importance to the Imperium as it is only here that Melange, the 'spice of spices', the crop for which Arrakis is the unique source, is found.  Arrakis is also home to the giant sandworms, which produce Melange as part of their life cycle.

Paul Atreides, the hero of the story, will later fulfill an ancient and complex prophecy...

Dune makes up the first book in the series the Dune Chronicles, the other books written by Frank Herbert and spanning a long period in history are:

Dune Messiah
Children of Dune
God Emperor of Dune
Heretics of Dune
Chapter House Dune

They are available in most good bookshops.  There was also a film, entitled Dune, and made in 1984 which was directed by David Lynch, although there are many inconsistencies
between the book and the film.  The film is well shot and has high production values, but it is in no way integral in your enjoyment of the book.  

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