Interview with Jacqueline Collen


~Solitaire: "What made you decide to go into acting as a profession?"

~Jacqueline: "I wanted something that would enable me to travel a lot to be with my then-husband and had flexible hours. I had contacts through modeling, so I thought maybe I would try acting to see if I liked it, and I did."

~Solitaire: "What was your first acting job?"

~Jacqueline: "The very first was a short film I did in New York, but the first thing people would have seen me in was an episode of 'Baywatch'."

~Solitaire: "I noticed you like horses, are you a gifted rider?"

~Jacqueline: "Well, trying to be humble here, gifted I don't know, but I have been riding since I was nine years old, and I can pretty much ride anything."

~Solitaire: "Do you have any future movie or TV plans?"

~Jacqueline: "Right now, I am taking some time off, and not pursuing it very hard, but I am doing the odd project that comes my way. I just needed a break from it for a bit."

~Solitaire: "When I was looking through your official fan club web site I noticed a picture labeled an early photo of Maeve. Was that really the costume idea producers had in mind before finally choosing the outfit you wore regularly on the show? Did you have a say in the creating of Maeve's outfit?"

~Jacqueline: "I had very little say in my final costume, and no, that is not an original costume the producers had in mind. Before we began filming, we had to do a photo shoot to try and sell the show, a stylist was asked to throw together a 'wenchie'type of outfit for me and that is what we came up with. It was never going to be in the show, it was just for the day."

~Solitaire: "What drew you to the character of Maeve and how is Maeve like you personally?"

~Jacqueline: "Everything and every way ( except I find it much harder to physically keep up with the boys the way she can.)"

~Solitaire: "Was it hard portraying someone with magical abilities?"

~Jacqueline: "Not in the least."

~Solitaire: "If the show had been renewed for a third season, would there have been any hope of you returning or just guest starring?

~Jacqueline: "No. Sorry, absolutely none."

~Solitaire: "Is there anything specific you would have liked the producers to have done with your character?"

~Jacqueline: "Yes, I would have loved her not to be so jealous of every female guest star we had. I would have loved to have more scenes with various animals, and developed that part of her talent more. I would have liked to see more various magic as well, and there was talk once of an episode where Maeve is attacked by a demon and Sinbad has to rescue her by using magic and going into her dreams and while there he witnesses her past and what made her the way she is and the whole relationship with Dermott, etc... I would have loved to have done that episode, wish they had gotten it written."

~Solitaire: "Your character didn't just know magic she knew sword play. Did you get many bruises?"

~Jacqueline: "I got lots of bruises and cuts and shot almost an entire episode with my back so out, I couldn't even stand up for more than a minute. If you watch 'Little Miss Magic' closely, you'll see that I look very stiff and don't move very much in most of it, except the fight scene, I was better by then."

~Solitaire: "Could you shed some light on the Maeve and Rumina conflict?"

~Jacqueline: "I guess it wouldn't hurt now that the show is canceled; Maeve grew up in a village, the daughter of a pig farmer, and Rumina happened along it one day and attacked the villagers. Maeve , who as we all know is rather temperamental, tried to fight her, and Rumina was going to destroy her, but Dermott, who is Maeve's brother, interfered, so Rumina turned him into a hawk, and left Maeve alive so that Maeve would be forever tormented by the fact that her little brother is in this horrible plight because of her. So,Maeve, ran away instead of marrying the neighboring pig farmer that her father arranged for her ( he wanted the neighbor's lands and pigs), and found Dim Dim who was teaching her so that she could defeat Rumina and get Dermott turned back into a man."

~Solitaire: "Do you keep in touch with any of the other cast members?"

~Jacqueline: "I keep in touch with Zen."

~Solitaire: "Did you get to meet Mariah Shirley(Bryn)?"

~Jacqueline: "No, I was off the show before she was cast."

~Solitaire: "Do you have a favorite 'Adventures of Sinbad' episode?"

~Jacqueline: "'The Trickster' because I got to ride the horse."

~Solitaire"Now this is a question that I hear everyone asking, what was going on between Maeve and Sinbad? Did the producers have any future plans for them?"

~Jacqueline: "Maeve and Sinbad were in love with each other, but he was scared because of what happened to Lea, his first love as a child. She was scared because she felt she was dangerous to those she loved and because she didn't want to let being in love distract her form her mission. I don't know what would have happened if the show had carried on for years and Maeve had stayed on it, but I do know that the romantic tension between the two was one of the major draws of the show and the producers wanted to keep that going."

~Solitaire: "Do you have anything you would like to add or say to the Maeve Committee and fellow Adventurers?"

~Jacqueline: "Just to say thanks for watching the show while it lasted and for being fans of Maeve and what I was able to give to her. She was a treat to play."

Peace and safe journey...

Jacqueline Collen



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