The school way of life

The school life is planned and organized on the principle of preventing problems, which might occur in a large growing community, hosting children with different backgrounds and speaking different mother tongues. 

A do-it-yourself approach is used for daily duties such as cleaning the dormitories or doing their own washing.

Before and after school hours the students are organized in groups to perform those activities which are needed by the community such as cleaning, maintenance, cooking and farming.

By growing their own fruits and vegetables and breeding pigs, chicken and fish the students are able to produce part of the food supply.

The school program and functioning is recognized as a special project from an Educational Department of Thailand called "Self Depending Schools".  For each student staying at the school the Department contributes 6 Bahts a day. (1USD=43Baht).


The school life therefore depends on different resources:

the government contribution,

its own resources, such as farming,

and donations.


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