The program aims at decreasing the number of undereducated kids, especially hill-tribes children living in villages without a primary education school and those who live far from a school and can not reach it or come back home within the day. We accept children coming from poor families or with family problems such as abandoned kids or orphans. They will finally have a place to sleep and to play, in a good looking and clean school with teachers who care and sacrifice for them.

Students will have more time to study because they stay at school all the time, more chance to study Thai and to make friends with children from different tribes and backgrounds. Apart from receiving three meals a day (and living in a learning environment) the most important thing for them is the practice on real life duties. In this way they can help themselves and others to get along with life.

What the students learn

In addition to the syllabus set up by the Ministry of Education, the curriculum is adapted to conform to the local environment and to go along with the concept "Increase the chance of studying, be diligent and honest, protect the environment and contribute to progress".  A count is called every day early after wake up at 5:30am and after school time at 4:00pm.  Each student would be assigned into a group and takes turns to do things such as cooking, cleaning, flowering, decorating, fixing, constructing and growing their own food.  That would lead them to know how to work, manage time, and help themselves and others.


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