What the school needs


The Thai government provides funds for this and other similar projects in the form of books, pens, workbooks, 20% of the studentsí uniforms and six Bahts a day per child for food.

All the rest is the school responsibility.

In order to keep a good standard of instruction and the studentsí motivation, external support has been a must for us from the very beginning. Buildings, laboratories and infrastructures (although as simple as they may be) have been created with occasional help from various sources such as the Japanese government and the Buggies Junction Rotary Club of Singapore.


The school needs educational material and food, especially rice.

1. Rice (28,600 Kg. a year)

The students grow vegetables and breed animals but we are able to produce only part of the food supply that is needed.

The daily consumption of rice at the time of writing amounts to 130 Kg. This and most of the food that is necessary to prepare more than 800 meals a day for 220 days a year has to be purchased or donated.

2. Scholarships funds for higher education in Chiang Mai or other provinces to motivate the students to focus on study.


3. Computers and English language learning material to catch up with the world globalization.


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