Candle on the Hills


The school was opened in 1981 as a branch of Ban Mae Khan school.

Mr. Agin Chaijana was the first teacher. The school started off with 24 students.

Two years later Mr. Prayoon Khamchai became the principal and started improving it. He put a lot of energy and ideas in making it an educational institution to benefit poor kids in the area.

Several groups of Karen - one of the tribes of the Northern Thailand Mountains - moved close to the Mae Toh river. One group lived over 12 Km away from the school so only a few kids could come to school every day. But Mr. Archan Prayoon Kamchai wanted all kids to go to school so he convinced the parents to let the children sleep in the school. The teachers would take care of the children day and night. 

This program, started in 1983, was named "Candle on the Hills".

The first year the program accommodated 14 elementary students. The program kept growing with an emphasis on helping the children access education. The children were happy with study; they could attend classes regularly, could learn Thai language and had three meals a day.

In 1984, when the school became independent, it offered the six grades of primary education.

In 1994 the school expanded to middle school and many more students, especially hill-tribes children with no possibility to study came from the whole district. In the same year a Japanese charity financed the building of new classrooms and a dormitory.

Now it provides instruction up to completion of Junior High School. (Grade 9)  


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