*sighs* It seems like that there isn't no many Mad Hatter pictures out there. So, I've taken it upon myself to take my lovely Angel Sanctaury manga and scan pictures of MH. However it takes alot of time to this scanning and so it'll take awhile to scan all I really want. Feel free to take what you want but, I really want a link in return. If you can't honor that then please don't take any thing.

Mad Hatter showing off that pretty butterfly tattoo.

Mad Hatter smoking.

One of my favorite pictures!

MH smiling at Kurai.

MH with Kurai again.

Mad Hatter holding a bunch of balloons.

MH playing the violin!

Mad Hatter appearing through a wall.

Mad Hatter smirking.

Mad Hatter kissing Kurai's hand.

Mad Hatter looking over her shoulder.

Ahhhhh!! MH has been stabbed!

Mad Hatter's eyes.

Mad Hatter yelling.

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