The Ghia Project
My major mental illness involves restoring a car long ago forgotten by mainstream America---the Ford Mustang II.   I currently have 3 Mustang II's:  a 1978 Cobra II (black with red interior, 302, C4 auto trans), a 1978 Ghia (black with chamois interior, Sport Group, 2.3L, RAD 4-speed) and my old college car, a 1976 2+2 (gold with black interior, 2.3L RAD 4-speed).

The Ghia is undergoing a mostly stock restoration, while the CBII is heading in the "G-Machine" direction with major modifications planned.  The 2+2 has become my parts car, (sadly the 2+2 has gone to the crusher after the removal of a few key parts).

You can learn more about the 1974-1978 Mustang II at:

Mustang II .ORG
and  Mustang II .Net.
Here is my latest acquisition, a 1978 Ghia with 2.3L, 4-speed, and Sport Group package.
This is what my Ghia should look like when restored.
The restoration of my Ghia is along the lines of a "restomod / retromod".  My idea is to retain the basic "look" of the car with significant handling and performance upgrades using parts available in the late '70's and early '80's.  Larger wheels will be the most visible item.  The engine will remain 2.3L, but built for performance...a gain from 99 stock HP to about 140.  With the 3.55:1 gears, a T-5 may be in my future also.  Below are some of the parts I have collected for the rebuild:
-Offenhouser 4bbl dual plane intake
-Holley 390 CFM 4bbl carburator
-Ranger 2.3L roller cam and followers
-Ranger 2.3L factory shorty header
-Enkei 92 "mesh" 15"x7" aluminum wheels
-Polyurethane bushings
-Koni orange rear adjustable shocks
-3.55:1 rear differential
Restoration Process
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My other Mustang II webpage "Hotrodding" the carb'd 2.3L
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