by Lyndall Maxwell

INTRODUCTION: The earliest we know of our family is that WILLIAM MAXWELL bought land in Camden Dist, Kershaw County, South Carolina, in 1791. Family tradition says he was of Scot-Irish descent. The family possibly moved to SC about 1750. Previous residence might have been PA, NC, MD, or even Barbados.

Included: Abigail MILHOUS Maxwell, John Maxwell, James W. Maxwell, Charles Henry Maxwell, Joseph Maxwell, David Rumph Maxwell, William D. Maxwell, and Thomas L. Maxwell, all born before 1833.


Lyndall Maxwell is the daughter of Walter Earl S. Maxwell (1909-1991) and Otey Talley. Earl was the son of Thomas Joseph Maxwell (1869-1950) and Willie. Thomas Joseph was the son of Thomas Ledbetter Maxwell (1829 - 1903 AL) and Martha. Thomas L. was the son of Joseph (1783- c.1865) and unknown mother. Joseph was the son of William and Abigail (Milhous) Maxwell.

Hints as to Maxwell family members in William�s generation or the one before are found in the names John, James, Sarah, Henry and Samuel Maxwell in census records of the area and in deeds.

TO BEGIN: We can only guess at birth dates for William and Abigail and a death date for Abigail. We do not know the parents of William. William died about 1794 as administration papers and inventory were started 10 January 1795, when John D. Maxwell of Lancaster County, probably William�s brother, was assigned by the Kershaw County Court, SC, to be administrator of the estate. Also taking part in administration were Samuel Milhous and John Mickle. The mention of Lancaster County, SC, gives us a hint of where to look for parents. Abigail, wife of William, was not mentioned in any of the estate papers so I estimate she died 1792-1794.

William seems to have been rather young when he died and might have been born about 1754-1758. William and Abigail�s oldest son, John, was about 15 years old in 1794. My ancestor, Joseph, was born in 1783 in SC and would have been eleven years old. So the orphans were quite young. I saw no guardianship papers. However, in the 1800 Census of Kershaw Co. there were James Maxwell and Sarah Maxwell living next to each other. There was also a Samuel Maxwell in nearby Prince Fredericks Township.

Abigail came from a long line of Milhous� for which we have names and dates. See below.

HISTORIC CAMDEN, SC: Kirkland and Kennedy in Historic Camden, wrote that about 1751 a colony of Irish Quakers came to "Pine Tree Hill" (early Camden) from Pennsylvania. The group brought along friends the MICKLES, BELTONS, CANTEYS, LEES and more (including Maxwells?). This group supposedly met up with the Quaker group recently arrived from Ireland that included Robert MILHOUS, John Milhous (Robert's son), Samuel Milhous, Henry Milhous, Samuel WYLY and Timothy KELLY. SOUTH CAROLINA QUAKERS by E. Lucas, has almost the same information. The latter states that John and Abigail Milhous moved on to Barnwell Co. SC, about 1790. John Milhouse was dismissed from the Bush River Quaker meeting in 1791.

Taking into account the John Milhous Will, the Kershaw Co. records and ages of the children, William married Abigail MILHOUSE about 1779-80.

THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION: There was a Pvt. William Maxwell who served in Capt. Theopholis Norwood's company in the SC Militia in 1782. He could be our William or William Peter Maxwell. See NOTE below.

NOTE: My William is not the same as the William Maxwell (1730-1784) of SC. This William is said to be the son of James and Mary (Simmons) Maxwell who may have been from GA. William married lst Sarah Grimball and 2nd Sarah Stanyarne and was in both the colonial and SC governments. A document regarding his giving food and horses to the revolutionary army is in the same folder at SC Archives as the documents relating to Pvt. William Maxwell who served 38 days in 1782. They are not the same individuals. William (I designate him as �Esq.� because he was witness to many documents and owned much land) had a son William Peter or Peter William (1778-1858) who married Anne Green of Rhode Island. Therefore, he also is not my William. End of note

MILHOUS/MILLHOUSE FAMILY.. Abigail Maxwell's grandparents were Robert and Elizabeth (Russell) Milhous who were among the Quakers who came from Ireland to South Carolina in 1751. Her parents were John (1732 b. Ireland-1795 SC) and Abigail (SLEIGH) Milhous. Holcombe's Court Minutes, Kershaw Co. 1791-1799 states that John Milhous� will was written in 1792 in Colleton Dist. and included a statement that his daughter Abigail and her children with husband William Maxwell should have certain land on Edisto River, Salkehatchie Branch, known as Lemmon�s Swamp. The 400 acres on Lemonses Swamp were in Orangeburg District at one time and was known as "Sleigh's Cow Pen". Abigail's siblings were John, Daniel H., Charles, and Elizabeth who married Mr. Mickle.


(1) A Deed in Kershaw County, South Carolina, Book H, page 86, Nov. 22, 1816, reads �Colleton District.� The heirs of William Maxwell: Joseph Maxwell, Thomas D. RUMPH, James W. Maxwell, C. H. (Charles) Maxwell, Elisha POOSER and Thomas FISHBURN were selling land to John Maxwell. This is William�s son John because the document included the words that John �relinquished his claim and title to any other lands� and �property of said estate to which he would be otherwise entitled�. Witnesses to the deed were Josiah Rumph, Moses Riggs, R.R.B. Appleby and James J. Milhous.

(2) The inventory completed in 1796 mentioned paying a creditor for boarding school for John. It also included paying for hats for John, Betsey, Sarah, and Polley. By 1816, Mr. Rumph above was Sarah�s husband and the Mr. Pooser and Mr. Fishburn were husbands of Betsey and Polley. But I don't know which is which.

The South Carolina land in the above deed was 100 acres being on the Wateree River on a Creek known as Granny�s Quarter. Grannies Quarter Creek goes by the same name today. Camden previously was in Craven District. Interestingly, a Samuel Maxwell bought land on Rocky Creek in Craven in 1774 and Henry Maxwell bought land on Granny�s Quarter Creek, Craven in 1775.

(3) In 1814, Joseph, the son of William and Abigail, was selling household goods and slaves in St. George Parish, Colleton. (4) Another document shows that Joseph had land resurveyed in Barnwell County, Dec. 1815, which "had been granted in 1786" (to/from whom was not shown.). In 1792 land was given to Abigail in her father�s and he died in 1795 so this must be a different tract. It was 400 acres on Cow Branch, Waters of Lemons Swamp. This document includes a map showing surrounding land belonging to Milhous among others. (5) In 1815 the siblings were listed in a document giving Charles Henry Maxwell power of attorney to sell certain land. They were J. Maxwell (is this John or Joseph?), and T. D. Rumph (son-in-law). The land was described as "a certain tract of land lying on Lemons Swamp in Barnwell District containing 455 acres. April 22, 1815, Colleton Co." Also signing the document were Thomas J. FISHBURN and Elisha POOSER who were the sons-in-law.


JOHN, b. 1780 SC, d. 1849, Limestone Co., AL. He married Rebecca MICKLE (1782 SC- ? AL), in 1818? [lst child was born in 1815?] in Kershaw Co. according to descendents. The couple was in the 1820 Alabama Census. John's siblings were selling John their father's Grannies Quarter Creek property in 1816. Children of John and Rebecca were William J. Maxwell (1815 SC -? ) married _?_ [could this be the William J. who married Sarah Reed?]; Joseph Mickle Maxwell (1819 SC -1870 TN) who married 1st Lea Ann Duncan in 1838, 2nd Sophia Neil (1827-1891 TN). Next there was John H. (1819-1825); Martha J. (1821 AL - ?) unmarried; Jonathan (1826- ?) married _?_; Robert ( - ); and Rebecca M. (1829 AL - ) who married Robert L. Harper.

JOSEPH was born in 1783 in SC. He was in the War of 1812, Pvt , 2nd Reg. (2 Bat. Oswalds), SC State Troops. He enlisted from Jacksonborough and was discharged from St. Helens, Beaufort Co. Joseph moved to Dallas County, AL, as early as 1820. He was probably married twice. His first wife may have been Ann E. An 1821 article in the Cahawba News, AL, showed a Mrs. Ann E. Maxwell had a letter waiting at the post office. Joseph married Elizabeth BOLTON by 1836 as shown in land they sold together. The only known children of Joseph are Thomas L. Maxwell and William D. Maxwell. The Sarah Maxwell (Mrs. George BREWER), married in Dallas Co. AL in 1839, was probably his daughter. Maybe David Rumph Maxwell was his son. See discussion below. (There is also a Joseph Maxwell in the 1810 Census of Mecklenberg, NC, who should be researched.) See more below on Joseph�s children.

SARAH (1788 SC - 1866 AL) daughter of William and Abigail married Thomas David RUMPH (1783 SC - 1860 AL). He was the son of David Rumph. They married Nov. 6, 1806, in Orangeburg Co., SC. T. D. Rumph was a wealthy landowner and had several plantations in Alabama that the Maxwells worked on. Joseph is seen managing Rumph land in Dallas Co. in 1830 and Sumter Co. in 1840. A Lewis Maxwell and a William J. Maxwell lived near Rumph land also. See more below.

ELIZABETH "E.M."? (born before 1794) Elizabeth may be the Betsey named in the inventory of her father�s estate. She married Mr. Pooser or Mr. Fishburn. Later, she married Dr. Charles K. Ayer. Their letters to Sarah in 1836 and 1842 show they were living in Barnwell County, SC. Sarah's sister signed herself as "E.M." (Elizabeth Mickle Maxwell?)

POLLEY born before 1794 married either Mr. Pooser or Mr. Fishburn. Nothing else is known about her.

CHARLES HENRY MAXWELL. He was born before 1794. His wife's name was Mary according to documents where they were selling land in SC in 1815 and 1818. He signed the document in 1816 in Kershaw Co. where the children were selling William�s Grannies Quarter Creek land. In 1831 he bought land in Pickens Co., AL, saying he was from Abbeville, SC. He may also have lived in Dallas County. There was a SC news article in 1837 stating that he was from Lowndes Co. MS and had returned to attend the wedding of his daughter, Elizabeth, to James J. TOLAND. James and Elizabeth are found in the 1850 Census of Lowndes Co., MS. Possibly Charles Henry's son was the Charles Maxwell who is in the 1850 Census of Carroll Co. MS, age 30, wife Salina with Toland children in the house. Records do show a Charles C. Maxwell married Selena Toland in 1846.

JAMES W. MAXWELL, son of William and Abigail, was born before 1794 SC. James W. was buying and selling land in SC in 1831 but is in the Dallas County Census by 1840. (His son, James Franklin *, was born in Edgefield Co., SC in 1832). James W. married Mary Orange WOLFE (1800 SC-1880 AL). She was the daughter of Jacob Wolfe. James W. died in Wilcox Co, AL in 1845. Because of Wilcox Court records regarding his estate, we learn that the children were William Nash (deceased), James Franklin, Robert "RY", Martin, Caleb L., Amanda (Mrs. Perry ANDERSON), John (deceased), Ann (Mrs. ROBINSON/ ROBERTSON), and Mary (Mrs. LANE) deceased. James Franklin Maxwell (1832-1908) married Margaret MIMS in 1868. * William Nash (1817- 1855) married Susan BURNS, and Caleb (1843-1916) married Martha WAITE. For more on James F. Maxwell descendents see site listed below.


Elizabeth was the daughter of Benjamin Bolton and is mentioned as Betsey in her father's pension papers in Alabama in 1821. She was age 16 (born 1805 in NC or SC). That age corresponds with the Census of 1850 listing Elizabeth as age 45. One source says Benjamin, Sr. ( ? - 1843 AL), married Rachel SLAUGHTER and he was the son of William Bolton from Richmond County, NC. They were of Scottish descent.

Since girls usually married about age 17 or 18, it may be that Elizabeth had a first marriage before Joseph. I want to determine if Elizabeth was the mother of my Thomas L. or not. Difficulties include, (1) the 1830 Census of Dallas Co., AL, shows Joseph with wife, age 30-40, (but Elizabeth would have been age 25). (2) Children listed are 2 males under age five, one age 5-10 and one female age 10-15. The 2 males under age five could have been Elizabeth�s children. If however, Joseph�s first wife was still living in 1825, and was the female age 30-40, at least the older boy would have been her son. If she lived to 1829, even my Thomas L. would be her son.

CENSUS 1850: we see that Joseph's son William D. Maxwell was born about 1824 so in the 1830 CENSUS he would be the boy age 5-10 and possibly the son of the first wife. Ann E. was mentioned in that newspaper above in 1821.

CENSUS 1840: Joseph's family is in the 1840 Census of Sumter County, AL. We know Joseph was married to Elizabeth at that time. William D. (born in 1824) would have been age 16 and maybe out on his own.

CENSUS 1850: Joseph and Elizabeth are in the 1850 Census of Monroe Co. (spelled "Maxarn" in the index). Also in the house were William D. Maxwell (26), his new wife Susan (McDUFFEE) and Thomas L. Maxwell (21). Elizabeth�s age in 1850 is shown as 45 (that matches her father�s pension papers).

CENSUS 1860: In the Dallas Co., AL, Census of 1860, Joseph (age 77) and his son, Thomas L. (age 30), are found living with Joseph�s sister, Mrs. T. D. (Sarah) Rumph. Thomas L. is shown as overseer. Sarah�s husband had died in January 1860. Joseph died before the next census. Sarah died in 1866. Elizabeth �E.M.� was not mentioned in the SC Census 1860 or later. No wills or administrations have been found yet.

MORE ON JOSEPH See section below on my Thomas L. Maxwell.

WILLIAM D. MAXWELL - William was born about 1824 in AL, to Joseph and unknown mother. He married Susan McDUFFEE in 1850 in Autagua Co. AL They are found in the 1860, 1870, 1880, and 1900 Census of Pensacola, FL. In 1880, William D. Maxwell was age 46, b. AL, carpenter, with wife Susan 44, born SC. All the children were born in FL - Francis "Frank" 1857, George McDuffie 1860, Sarah J. "Sallie" 1863, and John D. 1867. They are also in the 1880 Census same place (but spelled Maxewell). Another child, Charlie, was born in 1873 MS. William seems to have died 1885 - 1900. Susan died in 1904 in Pensacola. It seems none of their children married.


+ Female shown in Joseph�s household 1830 Census records born 1815-1820. This could be Sarah Maxwell BREWER b. about 1820.

+WILLIAM J. MAXWELL seen in the 1840 Census of Wilcox Co. He was age 20 and had married Sarah REED in Dallas Co. the same year. I was hoping he was from the Limestone Co. family, but that William J. was born in 1815. The William J. family is found in the 1850 Census of Pontalac Co., MS, living next to...

ROBERT BELTON MAXWELL (born about 1818-19, AL). William J. says he was born in SC.

+ GEORGE W. MAXWELL who is buried in the Thomas L. Maxwell family cemetery in Burnt Corn. No dates. No Maxwell lived there after 1904 or so.

+ WILLIAM A. MAXWELL was living near Joseph and family in the 1850 Census of Monroe Co, AL. William A. was also there in the 1830 and 1840. The 1850 Census shows William A. age 50, born SC and wife Ellender or Eleanore. (A descendent says however his wife was Nellie GRIFFITH.). Supposedly, his son, Isaac, who married Rebecca Helton was killed while serving as sheriff of Montgomery, AL.

+ LEWIS MAXWELL is found in the 1840 Census of Dallas Co. (near the James W. Maxwell and T. D. Rumph families). Children: one male under 5, two males 5-10, and adults age 20-30, and 40-50. Females were one age 5-10, one 10-15, two 15-20, one 40-50. I haven't found anything else on this family.

+ DAVID RUMPH MAXWELL (1832 Dallas Co, AL,. to 1908 Rusk Co., TX) and his sister Sarah Maxwell, who married George BREWER in Dallas Co. in 1839, present a puzzle which I want to explore here. There is no proof of their parents but they seemed at first to fit the children of Lewis Maxwell. Sarah Brewer, widow, is living with David and his wife, Mary Jane (STEWART) in the 1880 Census of Rusk Co., TX.

Children of David and Mary Jane: Thomas David (1869-1959) married Lucy Fredonia GOODWIN, Sarah Ann (1871-1949) married Franklin Asbury SMITH, Joseph A. (1874 - ? ) married Mae WILLIAMS, Willis Ethridge (1880-1958) married #1 Josie YORK #2 Mary Catherine McINNIS? and Laura (1876- ? ) married Joe M. ROUSSEAU. (Interestingly, a William Maxwell age 18 b. AL, was living in the same boarding house as Willis Maxwell in the 1900 Census of Rusk Co., TX. He is not David and Mary's son.)

MORE ON DAVID R. MAXWELL Military Service: David was in the Wilcox True Blues during the Civil War. In fact, J.F. Maxwell (son of James W. Maxwell), signed papers vouching for David as having served in his same company - The Wilcox True Blues. A descendent of William Maxwell Rumph (son of Sarah) sent us the copy of a letter written by D. R. Maxwell in Sept. 1861 from Camp Alabama in Florida where he was in Confederate service. The letter was to his Aunt Sarah Rumph in Carlowvile, AL, from "Your affectionate nephew D. R. Maxwell". He also said "Tobe" (her other nephew James Franklin Maxwell) was sick and had to go home for a few weeks. He also wrote "Say hello to Tom and Father." Tom could be Sarah's other nephew, my Thomas L. Maxwell.

Father seems to be my Joseph. I would say David IS Joseph's son except for the fact that one of three known descendents of David is skeptical. There was a David Ethridge/Etheridge born the same year in Dallas Co. He thought that David and David R. were the same person. But they are not because they both fought in the Civil War. Ethridge is found in the 1880 Alabama Census with wife Ada and four children.. The descendent says maybe D.R. was adopted. More research might help.

+ ROBERT MAXWELL is mentioned in a Dallas Co. newspaper as having disposed of his interest in a store in Feb. 1834. I didn't see him in the 1830 or 1840 Census index.

+JAMES WILLIAM MAXWELL is the ancestor of Dwaine Maxwell whose DNA "matches" that of my family but we don't know exactly how they are related. James William was born about 1773 in SC. He died 8-8-1850 in Collin Co., TX. He married Hannah Wood (1794 NC- abt 1880) in 1810, Madison Co., AL. See the web site below for more.


My great grandfather, Thomas L. Maxwell, was born April 1829 in Dallas Co., AL (as per 1900 Census). He died December 15, 1902, in Monroe Co. He was with his parents in the Monroe Co. Census 1850 (the family name is spelled MAXARN in the census index). He is with his father, Joseph, in the 1860 Census of Dallas Co. His mother may have been Elizabeth Bolton (if Elizabeth and Joseph married by July 1828). Otherwise his mother would have been Joseph�s unknown first wife � perhaps Ann E.

Military Service: Thomas L. Maxwell served in the Confederate Army as per Index to Service Records of Confederate Soldiers from Alabama. He was in Co. I, 2nd Ala. Cav., Private. He was age 33 when he enlisted in May 1862. He was discharged April 11, 1865.

Marriage and Descendents: Thomas L. married Martha (BOYLES) Daugette/Doggett, November 3, 1865. She was the widow of George DAUGGETT who had died in the war. She had a daughter, Elizabeth �Bettie� by that marriage. See Boyles section below. See photos.

1880 Census, Monroe Co., AL, June 2, 1880, Page 4, shows

Thomas Maxwell, 51, farmer born AL (mother born SC, father born SC.) Martha, 42, keeps house, born AL (mother born AL and father born AL. Children: Sarah,Thomas (my grandfather), David, Belle, and William. All children were born in Monroe County, AL. Bettie Dauggett, 21, stepdtr, born AL. The last child, John Arthur, was born in 1881.

+Bettie 1860-1930, never married. See photo. +Sarah Jane (1867 AL to 1929 TX) married Luke Lee ROBERTS (1870 ARK - 1926 TX). +Thomas Joseph Maxwell (Dec. 7, 1869 AL to May 5, 1951 TX) married Willie Caroline SYPHRETT (Feb. 24, 1881 to Aug. 18, 1971, TX). See more below: photos, Thomas Joseph and Syphrett sections below. +David Darby Maxwell (1872 AL - 1936 AL) married Mattie FALKENBERRY (1880 AL - 1965 AL). He is the only sibling who did not move to Texas. See photo. +Anna Belle (1876 AL - 1972 TX) married Elbert J. HARDY (1859 AL - 1926 TX). +William Preston Maxwell (1877 AL - 1965 TX) married Corrine HICKS (1888- 1945 TX) See photo. +John Arthur Maxwell (1881 AL - 1961 TX) married Emmie RALSTON (1889 TX - unk TX). See photo.


The parents of Thomas David Rumph were David and Anne (Haddock). Several deeds are found for David in Orangeburg Dist., SC. T.D. married Sarah Maxwell, Nov. 6, 1806, in Orangeburg.. Their children were Peter, Mary A., Elizabeth (married Lewis MOORE) and William Maxwell Rumph who married Frances Jane LIDE in 1839 in Carlowville.


E.(Elizabeth?)M. Maxwell married Dr. Charles K. Ayer or Ayers. They lived in Barnwell County, SC in 1839 and 1846 when they wrote letters to Sarah Rumph (Dear Sister). She could be the �Betsey� on the inventory list in Kershaw Co., SC.


Martha Lark Boyles was born in 1838 probably in Monroe Co., AL, to Joel Boyles (1810-1890) and Elizabeth Lark ABNEY (widow of Barnett). Martha Maxwell died Sept. 26, 1906. Martha, her husband Thomas L. and her father Joel were buried on the family farm at Burnt Corn, AL. The Joel Boyles family lived in Monroe Co. as early as the 1840 Census and lived near the William A. Maxwell family mentioned above. See more on these families from my contributions to the Boyles and Abney forums at


My grandfather, Thomas Joseph, was born December 7, 1869, in Burnt Corn, AL, and died May 5, 1951 in Houston, TX. He moved to Houston in 1899 where his sister, Mrs. Roberts, lived. On May 24, 1902, he married Willie SYPHRETT (1881 TX to 1972 Houston TX). See their children below.


Willie (Caroline or Pauline) Syphrett was the daughter of Silas, 1844 FL-1888 TX, and Nancy Jane (FUSSELL) Syphrett, 1847 GA-1921 TX. The Syphretts had moved from Alabama to Evergreen near Old Waverly, TX, a few years before Willie was born. Silas changed his name from SEIFERT to Syphrett after the Civil War. The Seifert family was originally from the Alsace Lorraine area of France, which had been German from time to time. For more on Syphrett history and descendents see my contribution to the Syphrett forum at


+Marie Pauline (1904 Houston -2004 Houston) married Eli CALLAWAY (1898-1969) in 1932. Son: Donald Maxwell Callaway

+Walter Earl Syphrett Maxwell (1909 Houston to 1991 Houston) married Otey TALLEY (1913 LA to 1995 TX) on June 14, 1935. Children: Lyndall, Pauline, Frances and Thomas Earl Maxwell.


Otey (1913-1995)was born to Dr. Arthur Thurman Talley and Tomie (ROBERTSON) Talley while her father was attending Tulane Med School in New Orleans. Her parents were originally from Montgomery County, TX, but they established his office in Houston about 1915. Otey's siblings were

+Hallie Elizabeth who married Walter L. JUDD +Arthur Thurman Talley, Jr. who married Elizabeth DIMMICK +Monroe Robertson Talley who married Cecelia JOHNSON. See my Talley web site.

*RELATED WEB SITES (You may have to type in the address.)

Pauline (Maxwell) Callaway and J.F. Maxwell and wife



Pictured below are:
+The house where Thomas L. and Martha Maxwell lived near Burnt Corn, Monroe County, AL.  The house is on Sandbottom Road today.  Our family cemetery is close to the house.  This is probably where all the children were born. The place was sold when the parents died and the children all moved to Texas except David who lived in Tunnel Springs, AL.  The photo is from the 1920�s.
Other pictures are
+The family group in front of the Burnt Corn house, about 1895: Back - Thomas Joseph, Thomas L.(the father), William, an unknown relative, David, Bettie, and John Arthur.  Front: Martha (the mother) and Dr. Thos. Boyles (her brother). Sarah and Annabelle were already married.
+Thomas Ledbetter and Martha (Boyles) Maxwell
+Thomas Joseph and Willie (Syphrett) Maxwell
Children of T. J. and Willie:
+Marie Pauline (Mrs. Eli) Callaway. See MORE PHOTOS web site listed above to see Pauline
+Walter Earl Syphrett Maxwell and Otey (Talley) Maxwell, my parents.

MY ADDRESS: Lyndall Maxwell, 5650 Birchmont, Apt. B, Houston, TX, 77091. EMAIL [email protected]  
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Thomas L. Maxwell
Thomas L. Maxwell
Thomas Joseph Maxwell
Martha (Boyles) Maxwell
Family of Thomas L. and Martha Maxwell including her brother and a niece.
Willie (Syphrett) Maxwell
Back: Thomas J., Thomas L. (father), William, unknown relative, David, Bettie, John A. Front: Dr. Boyles (Martha's brother), Martha (the mother).
Earl Maxwell, 1931
Walter Earl Maxwell, 1931
Otey (Talley) Maxwell
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