Switching – part 101
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The letters of her appraisal of "Smith vs Brayfield Inc." began to dance, blurring into each other before Megan's eyes. She glanced at her computer's clock. It was late again, too late. She blinked, trying to focus.

Lucky David is in San Francisco for five days, she mused. Megan dropped a hand to her bottom, rubbing it through her pajamas. He always makes me pay for coming to bed this late. Though it was clear he knew she often did it deliberately.

She sighed, remembering the last time she'd worked past midnight. Her husband had been particularly peeved that night. Probably just horny and tired of waiting, she thought with a smile. Squirming at her desk the next day under senior partner McKavey's gaze hadn't been as much fun as what followed David's leather belt.

Megan felt a tingle between her thighs. Maybe it is a shame David is away. A long sexy spanking and a roll in the sack would be nice right about now. She closed her report. Enough work for tonight. She fired up her computer's movie player, browsing for David's latest spanking clips. It was nice to have a husband with shared interests. At least she could fantasize about what she should be getting when she went to bed.

One movie followed another, naughty "schoolgirls" howling under hand, strap and the cane. Megan was breathless with excitement. Oh, to be spanked for a uniform violation!

She opened another file; a woman in a tailored suit was dealing with an errant man over her lap, her hairbrush coming down hard. David must have downloaded this one by mistake. She opened another file, amateurish footage of a broadly built woman caning an older man. Another mistake? She opened another file, almost the same, only the woman was younger and dressed in tacky green pvc.

Four years of law school and two years earning her stripes as an associate kicked into play. Surely not!

Megan trawled through the computer. Four folders under "David's Work Stuff" she found her prize, carefully hidden in a folder "Programming 101". Thousands of images, stories and movies, all carefully cataloged. A collection almost as large as the one they shared for mutual titillation, only women spanking men, all of them.

This couldn't be her David? 100% top, wasn't he? And if not, why hadn't he said anything? Megan leaned back; searching back to the early days… the first time she confessed her fantasies.

Three years ago, still in her final year of college, David had pushed her past her embarrassment after a vigorous lovemaking session. After all, they were to be married.

"Spanking eh? Nice and kinky, I like that," David said, rubbing her bottom as if exploring the idea.

Megan relaxed into her fiancés' arms. He so understood. Why was she so worried? She kissed his neck and snuggled in.

David chuckled, keeping the mood light. "So, do you fantasize about being spanked? Or perhaps you want to spank me too?"

Megan laughed, leaning back in David's arms, eyes full of mirth. "Oh no, I could never spank anyone, especially you. That would be just silly. It's definitely my naughty bottom that needs the attention."

Megan's memory got fuzzy after that, drawing her back to the images on her computer screen. What had his face told her? What exactly had he said? Too many years had past. All she could remember was ending up over his lap soon after, trying to convince him that she hadn't been that naughty, as his hand warmed up her bare cheeks.

She glanced at the list of files. They dated back twelve years. David would have been only eighteen, long before they met. Megan switched off the computer and fetched a coffee. She had a lot of thinking to do.

Megan paced the carpet. David would be home any minute. Normally she would have been excited, turned on even. He always made up for lost time after a work trip. A passionate encounter near the front door was common, even after two years of marriage.

She heard the footsteps before the key in the door. David raced in, dropping his luggage and briefcase near the door, scooping his wife up in his arms, not noticing the look on her face. Within minutes they were kissing, making out like teenagers at the drive-in, hands roaming, making up for missed touch.

David pulled back, looking his young wife in the eyes narrowly. "I rang the other night at eleven, then at twelve. It was engaged. Were you on the computer?"

Megan blushed. They'd played this game before. It always, always ended with a sore bottom. Her mind raced. She didn't know if she could do this; was it only her fantasies that were being satisfied? Did he even like this?

"Um, no," she lied.

David's eyes flashed in surprise. "You know lying to me makes things much worse, doesn't it young lady?"

Uh Oh. He thinks this is part of our game. Megan wanted to crawl under a rock. She couldn't tell him about her find, not yet.

David took Megan's hand, leading her into their bedroom, sitting down on the edge of the bed. He drew her over his lap. He told her how lying was intolerable, how hard he'd have to spank her. Megan's stomach did flip-flops as her skirt was drawn up. Her panties followed.

The spanking came harder and faster than Megan expected. She writhed and kicked her legs, twisting to no avail. Normally her endorphins kicked in, blending pleasure with pain, torment with release. Not this time.

David spanked and spanked. Sometimes Megan needed a real spanking, something beyond erotic. Lying, she knew he hated that. Her bottom turned redder under his stern hand. A few tears would do her some good.

Megan struggled, her kicking frantic. David pinned her down, giving her bottom a sound tanning. Tears welled in her eyes. She had cried during David's spankings before, from the guilt of letting him down, from release, even from pleasure, never from pure pain.

"Red…. red David."

David stopped his hand in mid-spank. His mouth hung open. Never before had Megan safe-worded, even after much longer spankings.

He scooped her up into his arms, soothing her tears with soft kisses and close hugs until her hiccupping stopped.

"I'm sorry sweetie. What's wrong?", David asked.

Megan felt awful. He hadn't done anything different. She kissed his ear lightly, ignoring the question. "Let's just make love."

David smiled relief, kissed Megan's lips deeply and lowered her down to the bed gently. He intended to make it up to her with slow loving.

Megan shook her head, rolling them over on the bed. She removed her husband's trousers and jocks, smiling at his surprised and then pleasured look as she lowered herself down his cock. "Honey, I'm on top tonight."

Megan held her husband tightly, her arms wrapped around him in the spoon position. He was tired; it had been a long flight, and a long night too. But he wasn't asleep yet.

Megan reached around, placing a fingertip over his lips. "Honey, I found your pictures on the computer. I know what you want."

David's eyes flew open. Megan pressed her finger tighter over his lips. "I'm upset, but only that you didn't tell me. I don't know if I can do it though."

She paused, letting the words sink in. David nodded. "David, if I did do it, is your fantasy real spanking or playful swats?"

Megan lifted her fingertip an inch. David sighed. This wasn't easy. "For real sweetie, the whole over-the-knee hairbrush thing. But…-"

Megan snapped her finger back over David's lips. "That's all I need to know for now." Megan's brought her hand back, smacking David's bottom as hard as she could. He gasped with surprise.

Megan giggled and hugged her husband tightly. "You might wish you'd said playful. You know I'm pretty pissed you didn't tell me about this. Now go to sleep naughty boy."

Megan rolled back to her side of the bed, trailing her fingers downwards, smiling at her husband's fresh erection. Ha, he won't sleep for a while. Serves him right.

Megan slipped into an empty conference room, cell phone at the ready. She was nervous, but undeniably excited. She made the call. David would be in his weekly team meeting, but should take her call.

"Hi Megan, I'm sort of in a meeting. Can I call back?"

"This won't take a minute David, let's do it now."

"Oh, ok, sure."

"David, I've decided to spank you when you get home. Very hard, just like you deserve."

David let out an incoherent mumble. To see his face now, that would be priceless.

"You know, I'm going to use that wicked hairbrush. The wooden one you bought for me. Ironic isn't it. But you know what?"

"Umm…what Megan?" David was trying to keep his voice level, but a polygraph machine would have been smoking.

"Well I've been thinking about you, hiding stuff from me for years, me tanning your bottom with the brush. It's making me hot, I'm going to love it."

"I'm um… glad to hear that."

Megan smiled at her husband's discomfort. "All agreed then. And it's going to be a ‘tears spanking' too honey. I think you know the term. Now have a good day, and don't be late."

Megan cut the call, knowing she'd leave her flustered husband holding onto a dead line. That had been fun, but she knew she still had to walk the walk.

The oven timer buzzed. Dinner was nearly ready. Megan hoped David wouldn't be late. She rarely found time to cook anything much more than pasta on a weeknight, but had managed to squeeze her boss for a few hours off.

Most of David's pictures had stern looking women dishing out punishment in business suits. Megan wanted to look more feminine than ever. She'd taken her long blonde hair down, put on a flowing yellow sundress and added matching earrings with just a touch of makeup. Just like a day at the races outfit, she mused.

David arrived only a few minutes late. Megan suppressed a smile as he took in her outfit with wide eyes. She looked up at him smiling, leaning in to kiss him like any other day.

"You look so stressed, must have been a hard day," Megan said with a wink. She took his hand and led him to the dining table. "I've cooked you a special dinner tonight."

David sat, looking as though he'd landed in a foreign land, an animal in headlights. Right where Megan wanted him.

He'd barely touched the chair when Megan swept across the room with steaming trays of roast turkey and vegetables. David kept looking at the chair at the head of the table. Megan had set up three plates at the table. She could see the thoughts going through his head. This was too much fun. Maybe I should tell him I've invited Mum to watch, or even my sister?

Megan went to sit at the table. Her face brightened as she looked at her husband, still looking just as confused. "Oh, I forgot our other guest. One second."

She rushed into the kitchen, returning with her heavy wooden hairbrush. With a wicked smile she placed it upon the plate at the head of the table. "Dessert, an after dinners treat. Did I tell you I was looking forward to it?"

David opened his palms, "Sweetie, we don't have to do this, really."

Megan tried to put on her strictest tone, but some how still sounded more like a brat than a strict dom. "Oh but I must honey! Now stop arguing, and eat up, your food is getting cold. Any more complaints and I'll spank you tomorrow as well!"

They ate in one-sided silence. David picked at his food, while Megan talked in her normal upbeat way, as if nothing special was happening after dinner. Her sweaty palms told another story.

Dinner took twenty minutes longer than it should have. Megan didn't rush David; she knew from her own experience that waiting was dreadful. Time to get her own back.

After clearing the plates, Megan returned, pulling out the chair at the head of the table. She glared at her husband as she sat, then pointed to her side.

David bit his lower lip as he stood. It was clear he'd been concealing an impressive erection through dinner. Megan knew she must have been doing something right.

Megan's fingers fumbled with David's trousers. Normally she was quite skilled at removing them. She trembled. This was different. Could she satisfy this need of his?

She guided David across her lap, his Phantom boxer shorts glowing in the dim light. Her hand rested on the curve of his bottom, rubbing. This wouldn't do. It had to be real. She pushed through her nerves into the twilight zone.

The wooden hairbrush rested on David's bare bottom. There would be no warm up with her hand. No love pats over boxers. It wasn't as though she shouldn't be genuinely mad. Her David had kept something important from her for years. How could he? It was time to walk the walk.

David cried out in shock at the first smack on his virgin bottom. Megan knew it wasn't that hard, but without a warm-up, without any experience… She brought the brush down again, watching as the hard wood pushed into David's bottom.

Megan got into a rhythm, flicking her wrist with each stroke, as she'd read was more effective. David was subdued at first. Each stroke of the brush burned a stronger fire, a more frantic reaction. This was kind of fun.

"Don't be such a baby." It was the first time Megan had spoken.

"But it hurts!"

Megan chuckled, landing a harder blow. "I know." She aimed at his lower curves. Megan was in no hurry. The brush would do its work; it was inevitable.

David's hand was held tightly behind his back. His bottom burned a bright shade of red. His face was contorted in anguish, his erection long gone. Perspiration colored Megan's hair. Tears were harder than she expected. This was quite a workout.

She concentrated on his upper thighs, knowing all too well how much that hurt. Turning the brush in her deft hands, Megan even managed to score a few on her naughty boy's inner thighs. The reactions were gratifying. David began to beg, to plead, and to promise better behavior. Megan had heard these pleas, coming from her own mouth.

Tears were near; she could sense it. She spanked faster, telling her naughty husband that "he'd better behave" and "this is what you've needed for a long time." She reapplied the brush to David's sit spot. He wanted a real spanking, and Megan didn't want him sitting comfortably for a couple of days.

When the dam burst, it flooded. He's been holding out on me, the silly man, Megan thought as her husband burst into tears. She gave him a half dozen more "just for good measure".

David still clung to Megan long after he'd calmed down. She ruffled his hair and kissed his ears. He kept whispering, "I love you." Megan already knew that, but knew how close she always felt after such release.

Megan pushed back, looking her love in the eyes. "Once a month ok, or when I think you deserve it. Otherwise you're in charge."

David smiled, hugging his wife to him. She purred in his arms, knowing they'd soon be going at it like crazed rabbits. The only thing was how was she going to tell him just how much she'd loved spanking him? A few of his poorer habits might be a changing very soon.

© 2002 [email protected] May be freely distributed as long as no charge including AVS is made for this story and the copyright notice is not removed.

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