Stargate Atlantis



1.01 Rising: Parte 1 (16 Julio 2004)
1.02 Rising: Parte 2 (16 Julio 2004)
1.03 Hide and Seek (23 Julio 2004)
1.04 Thirty Eight Minutes (30 Julio 2004)
1.05 Suspicion (6 Agosto 2004)
1.06 Childhood's End (13 Agosto 2004)
1.07 Poisoning the Well (20 Agosto 2004)
1.08 Underground (27 Agosto 2004)
1.09 Home (10 Septiembre 2004)
1.10 The Storm (17 Septiembre 2004)
1.11 The Eye (8 Noviembre 2004)
1.12 The Defiant One (15 Noviembre 2004)
1.13 Hot Zone (22 Noviembre 2004)
1.14 Sanctuary (29 Noviembre 2004)
1.15 Before I Sleep (6 Diciembre 2004)
1.16 The Brotherhood (3 Enero 2005)
1.17 Letters from Pegasus (10 Enero 2005)
1.18 The Gift (17 Enero 2005)
1.19 The Siege: Part 1 (24 Enero 2005)
1.20 The Siege: Part 2 (31 Enero 2005)



2.01 The Siege: Part 3 (15 Julio 2005)
2.02 The Intruder (22 Julio 2005)
2.03 Runner (29 Julio 2005)
2.04 Duet (5 Agosto 2005)
2.05 Condemned (12 Agosto 2005)
2.06 Trinity (19 Agosto 2005)
2.07 Instinct (26 Agosto 2005)
2.08 Conversion (9 Septiembre 2005)
2.09 Aurora (23 Septiembre 2005)
2.10 The Lost Boys (23 Septiembre 2005)
2.11 The Hive (21 Noviembre 2005)
2.12 Epiphany (28 Noviembre 2005)
2.13 Critical Mass (5 Diciembre 2005)
2.14 Grace Under Pressure (12 Diciembre 2005)
2.15 The Tower (19 Diciembre 2005)
2.16 The Long Goodbye (2 Enero 2006)
2.17 Coup D'etat (9 Enero 2006)
2.18 Michael (16 Enero 2006)
2.19 Inferno (23 Enero 2006)
2.20 Allies (30 Enero 2006)


3.01 No Man's Land (14 Julio 2006)
3.02 Misbegotten (21 Julio 2006)
3.03 Irresistible (28 Julio 2006)
3.04 Sateda (4 Agosto 2006)
3.05 Progeny (11 Agosto 2006)
3.06 The Real World (18 Agosto 2006)
    Dr Weir finds herself on Earth where, to everyone else, the Atlantis Expedition was just her delusion.
3.07 Common Ground (25 Agosto 2006)
    John Sheppard is kidnapped by the Genii and is in the company of a Wraith.
3.08 McKay and Mrs. Miller (8 Septiembre 2006)
    Rodney's sister is brought to Atlantis to make use of one of her theories.
3.09 Phantoms (15 Septiembre 2006)
    A device that creates hallucinations affects the team off-world.
3.10 The Return: Part 1 (22 Septiembre 2006)
    The Atlantis expedition must turn to an old friend for help as the Asurans prepare to invade the city.
3.11 The Return: Part 2 (20 Noviembre 2006)
    The team returns to Atlantis in an attempt to regain control of the city.
3.12 Echoes (27 Noviembre 2006)
    Teyla witnesses what appear to be an Ancient apparitions, which soon other people start to see.
3.13 Irresponsible (4 Diciembre 2006)
    The team investigate rumours of an invincible hero off-world, only to find Lucius Lavin again manipulating a hapless village.
3.14 The Tao of Rodney (11 Diciembre 2006)
    An Ancient device gives Rodney powers.
3.15 The Game (18 Diciembre 2006)
    The Atlantis team finds a program in the Atlantis database which throws Mckay and Sheppard into a Simsesque game that could destroy two civilizations in the Pegasus Galaxy.
3.16 The Ark (8 Enero 2007)
    The team boards a crippled space station to discover people have been preserved there with the hope to outlive their enemy, the Wraith.
3.17 Sunday (5 Enero 2007)
3.18 Submersion (22 Enero 2007)
3.19 Vengeance (29 Enero 2007)
3.20 First Strike (5 Febrero 2007)


C u a r t a   T e m p o r a d a

4.01 Adrift (28 Septiembre 2007)
4.02 Lifeline (5 Octubre 2007)
4.03 Reunion (12 Octubre 2007)
4.04 Doppelganger (19 Octubre 2007)
While exploring a new planet, Sheppard started to watch a strange crystal. He doesn't know why, but he had to touch it. Back on Atlantis, everybody but him started to have some bad nightmares.
4.05 Travelers (26 Octubre 2007)
Sheppard is kidnapped by a group of people living in a starship fleet. They were telling him that they were living on these ships for a long time, due to the war with the Wraith. He was forced to help them make an ancient's ship fly. Sheppard tricked them and flew with the ship, and 3 of the kidnappers.
4.06 Tabula Rasa (2 Noviembre 2007)
Dr. McKay is in a lab in Atlantis, and he doesn't know where he is, or who he is. There's a computer next to him, with a message telling him to find Teyla; she's the only one who can save them all. McKay is chased by a group of soldiers, led by Major Lorne.
4.07 Missing (9 Noviembre 2007)
Teyla and Dr. Keller go to the Athosian's new planet, and what they see is that the Athosian are not there anymore. They're gone missing. It seems to be the work of a warrior tribe, the Bola Kai.
4.08 The Seer (16 Noviembre 2007)
    The team meets a man with extraordinary prophetic abilities, who gives them a dark prediction about Atlantis' future. Meanwhile, they join forces with a Wraith in an attempt to fix the virus Rodney created earlier to stop the Replicators, that has since malfunctioned. And Woolsey arrives at Atlantis to conduct an evaluation of Carter's command.
4.09 Miller's Crossing (30 Noviembre 2007)
4.10 This Mortal Coil (7 Diciembre 2007)
4.11 Be All My Sins Remember'd (4 Enero 2008)
This episode begins with the premise that the Replicators are looking for human inhabited planets and wiping out all life. The theory being that if they kill all humans in existence, the Wraith will eventually die out, as they have no humans to feed on. Obviously those on Atlantis are not happy with this and so decide upon a course of action to use 2 Earth ships, equipped with the Asgard's heavy beam weapons, to wipe out the Replicator ships, one by one and put an end to the activities of the Replicators. Initially, this plan works, whereby in quick succession, 7 Replicator ships are destroyed. The replicators respond by calling their fleet back to orbit their own planet, where they feel that their (safety in numbers) course of action will enable them to fend off any attack from the 2 Earth ships. Col. Carter and Co. realise that it would be foolish to send 2 Earth ships alone to take on, over 30 Replicator ships, as even with their superior weaponry, the Earth ships would eventually be destroyed. To even the odds, they forge an alliance with the Wraith and the travellers (that Col. Shepherd encountered earlier in the season), who agree to send their own ships into battle with the Earthlings, to assist in the destruction of the Replicator ships and their colony. Meanwhile Dr. McKay concocts a plan to create a replicator whose purpose, once beamed down to the Replicator Colony, is to attract all other replicator building blocks to it, thus forming a HUGE BLOB. The other part of his plan is to beam down and overload the ZPMs on the Replicator planet, thus blowing the HUGE BLOB up and destroying the Replicators. The plan pretty much works out, with some minor modifications. This episode features some of the biggest space battles ever seen in the Stargate Universe and is great to see different ships from different races all working/fighting together, against a common enemy. Its also great to the Asgard weaponry being used to such devastating effect. For many, 'Be All My Sins Remembered' is seen as the best episode of 4.
4.12 Spoils of War (11 Enero 2008)
4.13 Quarantine (18 Enero 2008)
4.14 Harmony (25 Enero 2008)
Rodney and Sheppard are on a diplomatic and trading relations mission and are asked to help out. They need to take her on a quest to be queen. The right of passage is normally performed alone but they are concerned for her wellbeing and therefor ask Rodney and Sheppard. They set out on the pilgrimage to the temple of Larus. What don't know, is that there's an old foe out to get them.
4.15 Outcast (1 Febrero 2008)
Colonel Sheppard receives a message from Earth that his father had a hart attack and passed away. He travels to Earth and goes to the funeral, where is he is approached by a girl names Eva Dickson. She knows all about the nanite project and takes Ronan and Sheppard on a trip to a lab.
4.16 Trio (8 Febrero 2008)
4.17 Midway (15 Febrero 2008)
    The IOA is conducting interviews back on Earth, to ensure that any personnel serving on Atlantis (in particular Aliens) are suitable for their roles. The episode opens up with a heavily pregnant Teyla having been interviewed and reporting back to Atlantis. Ronan is next. Col Carter is unsure about Ronan's ability to handle the IOA's interview and therefore requests for Teal'C to come to Atlantis in a coaching capacity to Ronan. After a rocky start to their relationship, Ronan and Teal'C return to Earth, via a series of stargates and a Midway Station, that McKay had previously designed. The Midway station had been setup as a mid-way point between the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies, which serves primarily, as a place for those traveling between the galaxies, to serve a 24 hour quarantine. While Teal'C and Ronan are serving their quarantine in the extremely cramped Midway station, it is boarded by the Wraith, via the stargate, with the intention to travel to Stargate Command on Earth. They achieve this objective, but only with Teal'C and Ronan in tow. What ensues is a battle between the Wraith and the duo of Teal'C and Ronan, for control of Stargate Command.
4.18 The Kindred: Part 1 (22 Febrero 2008)
4.19 The Kindred: Part 2 (29 Febrero 2008)
4.20 The Last Man (7 Marzo 2008)



    Joe Flanigan    ....     Lt. Colonel John Sheppard
    Torri Higginson    ....     Dr. Elizabeth Weir
    David Hewlett    ....     Dr. Rodney McKay
    Rachel Luttrell    ....     Teyla Emmagan
    Paul McGillion    ....     Dr. Carson Beckett (48 episodes, 2004-2007)
    Jason Momoa    ....     Ronon Dex (36 episodes, 2005-2007)
    David Nykl    ....     Dr. Radek Zelenka (29 episodes, 2004-2007)
    Chuck Campbell    ....      Technician (25 episodes, 2005-2006)
    Rainbow Francks    ....     Lt. Aiden Ford (24 episodes, 2004-2005)
    Mitch Pileggi    ....     Colonel Steven Caldwell (17 episodes, 2005-2006)
    James Lafazanos    ....     Male Wraith / ... (16 episodes, 2004-2006)
    Kavan Smith    ....     Major Evan Lorne (13 episodes, 2005-2007)
    Craig Veroni    ....     Dr. Peter Grodin (10 episodes, 2004-2005)
    Christopher Heyerdahl    ....      Halling / ... (9 episodes, 2004-2006)
    Dean Marshall    ....     Sgt. Bates (9 episodes, 2004-2005)
    Kirby Morrow    ....     Captain Dave Kleinman (8 episodes, 2005-2006)
    Trevor Devall    ....     Hermiod (7 episodes, 2005-2006)

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