Primera Temporada

1x01: Awakening: Part 1 (13 September 1979)
1x02: Awakening: Part 2 (20 September 1979)
1x03: Planet of the Slave Girls: Part 1 (27 September 1979)
1x04: Planet of the Slave Girls: Part 2 (27 September 1979)
1x05: Vegas in Space (4 October 1979)
A criminal offers to turn himself in, if a woman who works for him who unwittingly saw some information that his competitors wants, was abducted and will subjected to all sorts of torture to get the information. So Buck and a major are sent to a planet that is basically the Las Vegas of the Galaxy where she is being kept. And they have to find a way to get to her or leave her.
1x06: The Plot to Kill a City: Part 1 (11 October 1979)
1x07: The Plot to Kill a City: Part 2 (18 October 1979)
1x08: Return of the Fighting 69th (25 October 1979)
1x09: Unchained Woman (1 November 1979)
1x10: Planet of the Amazon Women (8 November 1979)
The Earth is negotiating with the planet Ruatha to maintain its right to mine Barberite on the Ruathan held planet Madrea. While Buck is flying to keep the space between the planets clear he is lured to the planet Zantia by a phony distress call from two beautiful women. Zantia was once at war with Ruatha and is a planet almost entirely devoid of men. Buck is auctioned off and mated with the Prime Minister's daughter who is at odds with her mother. Buck must escape Zantia while finding a way to smooth the negotiations with the troublesome Ruathan diplomat.
1x11: Cosmic Whiz Kid (15 November 1979)
The President of the planet Genesia is kidnapped and held for ransom. He is no ordinary President...he is a child genius from the 20th century named Hieronymous Fox. His kidnapper is Roderick Zale whose specialty is political abduction. The President's bodyguard , Lt. Dia Cyrton, appeals to Earth for help in rescuing him but officially Earth cannot help. When her request is denied she enlists Buck to her cause who is only too eager to meet someone from his own time.
1x12: Escape from Wedded Bliss (29 November 1979)
1x13: Cruise Ship to the Stars (27 December 1979)
It's abduction and genetic piracy on the "high seas" of deep space when Buck, Wilma, and Twiki board the luxury space-liner "Lyran Queen" to protect Miss Cosmos, a genetically perfect beauty queen who is the kidnap target of a mysterious woman with awesome superpowers.
1x14: Space Vampire (3 January 1980)
1x15: Happy Birthday, Buck (10 January 1980)
1x16: A Blast for Buck (17 January 1980)
A satellite enters earth orbit. It transmits a message intended for Buck, and a warning of a possible attack. Buck and his friends try to figure out who might have sent the satellite to prevent the attack.
1x17: Ardala Returns (24 January 1980)
Kane has perfected a new design for the Hatchet Fighters of the Draconian Realm, but in testing the empire's best pilots cannot control their ships, invariably resulting in their destruction. Ardala, determined to launch attacks on Earth, orders the capture of Buck Rogers, the one pilot in the galaxy who can possibly control Kane's new Hatchet Fighters. Using a dramatic ruse, Ardala succeeds in capturing Buck and Twiki, and prepares Buck for the debut of the Zygots, robot duplicates of himself. Strapping Buck into a bulky space suit, the Draconians record all of his abilities and transfer the data into the Zygot prototype, who is a near-perfect clone of Buck except for his mangling of some of Buck's 20th century parlance and his excessively happy personality. The prototype nonetheless succeeds in infiltrating Earth, but when the ruse is discovered, Ardala has three more Zygot models ready to fly Hatchet Fighters in an attack on a major Earth city, and when they engage the Intercept Squadron they slaughter Earth Starfighters as if they weren't even armed spacecraft - until help arrives in the form of a fourth Hatchet Fighter......
1x18: Twiki Is Missing (31 January 1980)
1x19: Olympiad (7 February 1980)
Buck attends a new version of the Olympics. He meets Lara one of the athletes who tells him that she is involved with Jorex an athlete from a planet that's ruled by a dictator who has Jorex under his thumb. She's asking for Buck's help so that Jorex can defect to Earth. Buck calls Wilma and Huer who agree to help. They decide to consult another refugee from Jorex's planet. He tells them that the dictator will do whatever he has to keep him from escaping eve kill him. However Allerick, the man in charge of Jorex learns of the plan and abducts Lara.
1x20: A Dream of Jennifer (14 February 1980)
1x21: Space Rockers (21 February 1980)
1x22: Buck's Duel to the Death (20 March 1980)
Buck and Twiki are lured to another planet where they are enlisted to fight an evil alien warlord called "The Traybor" (played "B" movie bad guy William Smith), who has built a harem of young women-most recently the daughter of the Darius, the leader of the planet. In addition to Smith's trademark muscles, "The Traybor" is wired to direct a surge of electricity toward his opponent. Buck learns from Darius of a legend than a 500 year old man will one day appear and defeat "The Traybor".
1x23: Flight of the War Witch: Part 1 (27 March 1980)
1x24: Flight of the War Witch: Part 2 (27 March 1980)


Segunda Temporada

2x1: Time of the Hawk: Part 1
(15 January 1981)
2x2: Time of the Hawk: Part 2
(15 January 1981)
2x3: Journey to Oasis: Part 1
(22 January 1981)
2x4: Journey to Oasis: Part 2
(22 January 1981)
2x5: The Guardians
(29 January 1981)
Buck and Hawk discover an old man dying on a uncharted planet while searching for evidence of human settlements. He says it was destiny that brought him to this time and destiny that brought him to that planet. He entrusts Buck with a green jade box and tells him to take it to the next guardian. It's a legendary box and strange things start to happened to those who touch the box. Horrific future visions, but Asimov wants to get to his R and R, so he throws the box on the back burner. But they soon realize is if they don't take the box right away, that the time shifts may destroy them all.
2x6: Mark of the Saurian
(5 February 1981)
While sick in bed with Cignus Fever Buck starts seeing Ambassador Cabot and his party have a strange aura around them. Ambassador Cabot is responsible for bringing peace with the lizard people known as the Saurians with the Delta Defense Grid which destroys all ships without a proper code. The Aura that Buck is seeing is connected to the fact that Ambassador Cabot and his party are not who they claim to be but Saurians in disguise. Buck's unique condition allows him to see the aura around the illusion. But now the Searcher is on a deadly course which is all part of a plan to take over the Delta Defense Grid but only Buck suspect something is amiss.
2x7: The Golden Man
(19 February 1981)
While traveling through an asteroid field, Buck Rogers and crew come across a life pod. Inside is a young golden-skinned boy, Vellus, who displays the unusual ability to alter the nature of metals. When the Searcher becomes hopelessly stuck on an asteroid, Vellus suggests that his friend Relkos, whose life pod landed on a nearby planet, is more powerful that he and could lighten the ship enough to free it from the asteroid. Buck and Vellus head down to the planet, unaware that it is a penal colony full of unruly prisoners. They discover that the criminals are also after Relkos's metal-altering powers, hoping he can lighten a crashed vessel enough for them to escape.
2x8: The Crystals
(5 March 1981)
Buck Rogers visits the planet Phibocetes with a landing party, hoping to gather some thurbidian crystals to power the Searcher. Though the planet is believed to be uninhabited, the landing party soon comes across a "mummy" that mysteriously comes to life and wanders off into the bushes. Buck soon meets another life form - a young girl - who has no memory of who she is or where she came from. The crew is puzzled when blood samples from the girl match that of the creature and assume the girl will eventually become one of the mummy-like beings. Both life forms also seem strangely affected by the thurbidian crystals, and it's not long before the "mummy" makes off with their entire supply.
2x9: The Satyr
(12 March 1981)
Buck Rogers and Twiki visit the planet Arcadus, hoping to discover one of the lost colonies of Earth. However, they find only two survivors - Cyra Samos and her young son Delph - who have been living in terror of a half-goat, half-human "satyr" named Pangor. Cyra seems reluctant to talk about the satyr, and repeatedly refuses Buck's offers to relocate. When Pangor attacks Buck's ship, he and Twiki are grounded temporarily. And after being bitten by the creature during a struggle, Buck begins turning into a satyr himself. His only hope is to leave the planet as soon as possible.
2x10: Shgoratchx!
(19 March 1981)
Buck and Hawk are ordered to explore an old derelict spaceship, where they find a hold full of solar bombs and a crew of seven dwarfs. The crew are transferred to the Searcher, and it is decided to take the derelict to a safe location to detonate the bombs before they can explode on their own. Buck turns the seven uniformed men over to Wilma, who has her hands full when she discovers the little aliens have never seen a woman before.
2x11: The Hand of the Goral
(26 March 1981)
May contain spoilers - While exploring Deeth, the "Planet of Death," Buck Rogers, Hawk, and Wilma come across a stranded crash victim. His wrecked ship mysteriously disappears after he is rescued - the first in a long line of strange happenings. Buck and Hawk must contend with a duplicate of their ship, the Searcher, as well as find a way to release the real Searcher from a snare beam. Their search for the beam's source takes them back to the planet's surface, where they meet an old man who identifies himself as the "Hand of the Goral." He informs them that they have a final test to pass - if they succeed, they will reap the rewards, but if they fail, the Searcher and all aboard will be destroyed.
2x12: Testimony of a Traitor
(9 April 1981)
The crew returns to Earth. Buck is put on trial for helping a group that may have had a hand in the nuclear war that devastated Earth in the 20th Century.
2x13: The Dorian Secret
(16 April 1981)


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