European Prehistory



Paleolithic Introduction:

Lower Paleolithic

Initial Upper Paleolithic (c. -35,000 to -22,000)

> map

Middle Upper Paleolithic (c. -22,000 to -17,000)

> map

Final Upper Paleolithic (c. -17,000 to -8000)

> map


Epipaleolithic and First Thessalian Neolithic:

> map

European Epipaleolithic (after c. -8000)

Thessalian First Neolithic (before c. -6000)


Ancient Neolithic (c. -6000 to -5000):

> map

Thessalian colonization of the Balcans

Mediterranean Neolithic colonization

Pontian Neolithic

Andalusian Neolithic


Middle Neolithic (c. -5000 to -4000):

> map 1 (-5000 to -4500)

> map 2 (-4500 to -4000)

Aimonian invassions

Regions of Thessalian contuinity

Great Danubian expansion

Western Mediterranean expansion

Atlantic Native Neolithic (early Megalitism)


Late Neolithic (c. -4000 to -3500):

> map

Danubian diversification

Cultural fussion in the Tisza

Horse domestication in Ukraine-Don

Armorican Megalithism


Ancient Calcolithic (c. -3500 to -3000):

> map 1 (-3500 to -3250)

> map 2 (-3250 to -3000)

Indoeuropeans of the steppes

Pontian migrations

Great powers and other Danubians

Mediterranean evolution (the Ligurian league)

Atlantic expansion of the Megalithic religion

Indoeuropean invasions and other late transformations


Middle Calcolithic (c. -3000 to -2400)

> map 1 (-3000 to -2800)

> map 2 (-2800 to -2600)

> map 3 (-2600 to -2400)

The partition of Thrace

Panonian unification

Setback of Western Indoeuropeans

Pre-IE Nordic peoples

The new cism of Western Danubians

Division among Ligurians

Early Iberian civilizations

Italian Megalithism

Early Aegean civilizations

Pontian steppes: Scythian unification and Danubian decay

Western Indoeuropeans in XXVIII and XXVII centuries BCE: Danubization and expansive prelude

Seine-Oise-Marne Culture and Danubian infiltration of Armorica

Armorican evolution in XXVI and XXV centuries BCE

Western Indoeuropean re-unification


Late Calcolithic (c. -2400 to -1800/-1700):

> map

Cimmerian irruption in the East

Misterious changes in Northern Europe

Native re-conquest in the West

Panonian evolution

Origins of The Guild

Palaces in Crete

The second see of the Guild

The last phase of the Guild


Brief introduction to the Bronze and Iron Ages

> bronze age map

> iron age map

> Indoeuropean expansion




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