Einar Bruu

Born: October 24, 1955, Oslo, Norway
Does: Bass guitar.

Einar played bass (and some guitar) from ca. 1966 in "bands" together with Thore
Engen (then on drums!) They had been friends from kinder garden, lived 200 meters
from each others, and played together non stop until the fall of Lucifer (Was) in 1974.
Einar is the man in charge of the rehearsal places and such. He is, apart from his
musical interests, very occupied with his motorcycle, a mean
Harley Davidson Elektra Glide 1988 mod.

After 1974...

After Lucifer Was had split up, Einar stopped playing for a year or two, before
starting as a sound technician for a band called Harry & the Big Plattfuts. Went
around on several gigs with them until he started to play again around 1982, when he
joined a band called Respons together with Kai Frilseth (drums), Tor Langbråten
(solo guitar/vocals) and Frank Sveen (rythmguitar). They played country rock like
David Lindley, John Cougar, Foreigner, Ry Cooder, Steve Miller Band and so on +
some written by Tor.
Respons had a usable amount of gigs in the 80's, but it failed to continue around 1986.

Then Einar joined old friend Thore Engen and started Napoli Brothers.
This was a working title that of course, was a joke, but they never got any other
name. They played in a couple of years, most for fun. They played covers of
Frank Zappa, Elvis, Donovan, Spencer Davis and Wilson Pickett. This band didn't
have much of a future, but that was never really the case either.

Then Einar sort of stopped playing for some years. Around 1991 he started working
as a teacher / special pedagogue in the secondary school. Had some music teaching there too.

But, the story didn't end there, because around 1995, Einar found some old tapes
done with Lucifer Was, and with the others, he reunited the band, and the
saga could go on!

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