LSR Precision Tuners are Closed at This Time as We Seek a New Factory
For Electric Guitar, Violin, Banjo, and other stringed instruments.
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Tuning Ratio 40:1 

Gearless Tuner 

Positive Tuning 

No Twisting Around Peg - Less Stress on String 

Smooth, Easy Action 
Tuning Control 

Positive String Locking 

Easy String Loading and Locking

Photo of of LSR tuners installed in Grosh Guitar headstock Lighter than Other Machines (1-oz)

Soft Radius String Guides
Self Compensated for Wear 

Quick String-Up Time

Height Compensated - 
No Need For String Trees 

Accommodates String Gauges from .000 to .060 

Retrofit for Most Fender and Gibson and Similar-Styled Electric Guitars 

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