Class List No.              NAME                                                             Grade & Rm. #            DATE



En Español: Unidad 1 Etapa 3


Objectives:       Students will –


Vocabulary usage:

            La familia vocabulario (p. 105)

            Talking about birthdays and other phrases (p. 105)

            Los números (p. 89)

            Los meses (months) (p. 95)


Grammar usage:

            The verb SER (recycled – p. 38)

            The verb TENER (p. 88)

                        Expressing possession using “DE” (p. 90)

            Possessive Adjectives (p. 92)

            Giving dates (p. 94)





  1. Create your family tree on a sheet of paper (at least 8.5” x 11” but no bigger than 11” x 14”). The title of this project is: Mi Familia. The family tree may be drawn directly on the poster or drawn on a sheet of paper and pasted on your poster. You may include an optional family photo.

  2. Be sure to include your full heading (Class list #, name, grade and room #, and date) by writing this information on the back of your project.

  3. Label your family tree using the required vocabulary in Spanish.

  4. Choose two family members that you wish to feature. Write complete sentences in Spanish with the following information about each person:

    a) Describe how this person is related to you.

    b) Describe how this person is related to someone else in the family tree.

    c) How old this person is.

    d) When is this person’s birthday (date and month).

  5. The sentences must be written below your family tree. You may include an optional photo of this person.

Rubrics for Grading



Excellent (95 -100%)

Good (86-94)

Acceptable (78-85)

Unacceptable (77 & below)


Content & Vocabulary Usage


All instructions were followed.

100 % accuracy in spelling;

Uses required vocabulary; uses vocabulary other than required vocabulary; Sentences flow and use vocabulary from previous lessons.


Instructions were followed.

No more than 5 misspellings; satisfies required vocabulary including vocab from past lessons

Some instructions were not followed. Some errors in spelling or choice of words are apparent.

Did not follow instructions.

Several errors are apparent.

Did not use enough required vocabulary. Several spelling errors; missing several elements.


Vocabulary & Grammar; Organization


Grammar use is 98 -100% accurate; Uses all required vocabulary or beyond; uses grammatical concepts from previous lessons. Sentence organization is accurate.

Few vocabulary or grammatical errors; few organizational errors; few vocabulary errors; uses most or all of required vocabulary and grammar concepts.

Sentences or family tree contain several vocabulary or grammatical errors; sentence structures  contain errors in organization of words.

Several vocabulary and grammatical errors are apparent; Missing several vocabulary and grammatical concepts; missing several elements.


Creativity & presentation



Work is clean, care is taken as shown in the family tree, and handwriting. Decorations and embellishments added; composition and arrangement of required elements are well-presented.

Work satisfies or goes beyond what is required.


Work is clean and shows effort in presenting a good project. Composition/arrangement of required elements are well-planned; project satisfies what is required.


Some attempts made to arrange the elements according to instructions; missing a few elements or instructions were not followed.


Little or no  attempts made to follow instructions in arranging the elements; missing elements required.


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