Jackson Lane: Wow Film Festival

Jackson Brothers Wow Film Festival

Soap Opera In Depth Magazine
Oct. 17, 2000
Jonathan Jackson tells Soaps In Depth how he and his brother, Richard, felt winning a mantelful of awards at this year's Brooklyn Film Festival!

Although Crytal Clear - the film written, directed and scored by the multi-talented Jacksons - was a "short", it wound up being long on merit. Not only was it named Best Dramatic Short Film, it also earned its makers the Coen Brothers Award for Duo Film-making (named for Joel and Ethan Coen, the sibling superstars behind Fargo), and netted Best Actor honors for star William Rotunno. True Rights, a separate entry starring the Jacksons, won Best Feature.
Reflecting on his and Richard's riches, Jonathan admits "In one sense, [we] were basically in shock, and in another sense, we weren't. Talking about it beforehand, we said, 'As crazy as it is, odds don't really matter to God.' Anything can happen." The GH alumnus sees Crystal Clear's impressive showing as an Ebert-like "thumbs up" from high above. "I felt it was a message from God saying, 'I'm excited about you guys being filmmakers. This is something I want you to do.'"
So, what's next for the dynamic duo? "We're writing a few scripts," reports Jonathan, who hopes to "get some projects in line that we're passionate about."

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