World War One Personal Correspondence Sites

Letters from Lloyd Staley to his Sweetheart

Here you'll not only find the sweet letters of Becky Staley's grandfather, written to his girlfriend during the war, but also a wonderful collection of material culture.

Trenches on the Web

This site is a masterpiece of WW1 information. Search well for many examples of letters, diaries, and memoirs.

Reflections of Army Sergeant Charles L. Johnston

Tom Johnston offers personal correspondence from his father, a member of Ambulance Company 239 during the Great War. These touching letters were written to his soon-to-be wife. This site includes many interesting historical references, as well.

Louisiana French Soldier in WW1 - Arcille Guillory

Arcille Guillory - a native Louisiana French speaker - learned to read and write English on his own. His diary expresses complex issues in a very basic, "Francophone" English. He was most likely attached to the 87th Division of the National Army.

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