Dedicated to my rapidly disappearing hometown.

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Lazy Muncie

Tom Slick with Muncie, Indiana reference

Good Bye Chevy

Salute to 1960's central Indiana TV

Lost Muncie

Rare pictures of the Rivoli

The Other Five

The Other Five was part of a very active music scene in Muncie during the 60's-70's. Bands included The Ritual, Decembers Children, The Chosen Few, and the Faith Band. Many of these bands had large followings in the midwest, cutting records, and opening for such bands as The Who, when they played the Muncie Fairgrounds.

Listen to the Other Five's Better Come Home

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In the 1970's WERK was the radio station.Visit my WERK TRIBUTE PAGE
A classic fast food sign from the 1960's. This Arby's sign is located on Wheeling Ave.Learn more about classic signs
Who remembers going to the drive-in? The Muncie Drive-in use to have a playground up front... How about the Ski High Drive-in?

Here is what was playing @ the Muncie Drive-In July 4th weekend 1976
Paul Bunyon use to set in front of the Kirby Lumber Yard, on Liberty Street, but now gaurds the front door of the Timbers Lounge
Remember how bad it smelled? When we would drive by I would hold my breath as long as I could. My dad use to make deliveries there, and I would sit in the truck and gag!
I loved Burger Chef. Remember the B.C. fun meals for kids? Burger Chef and Jeff
Learn more @ "Lost Indiana"
I vaguely recall the old McDonlads on Tillotson...it looked something like this. I remember it had no seating. McDonalds Collectables
Zayre was the worst department store ever. Remember Vals Department Store, or King's? Did anyone ever go to Carl's Department Store, on South Madison, for Levis, or the Squire Shoppe? The only cool thing about Zarye was that it had that big slide...Even Zayre has a webpage
The Meadows Shopping Center is gone, it is now part of the office complex built by Ontario Corp. I worked at the Ross Supermarket that was operated in the Meadows through the 1980's. The drug store and dime store were also open well into the mid 1980's.
I dont remember Orvs Drive In, but I did hear my parents talk about it. During the mid 1980's there was a bar called Orvs, it featured 50-60's music.
The greatest chocolate milk ever made. There were several other local daries in the Muncie Covalts and Producers
During the 70's this was the place to buy jeans...my mom took me and my brother here all the time.
The Ball State Village, 1960. Where are all the bars? Check out this classic beer commercial
My first job was baggin groceries at the Ross Supermarket on Wheeling. I then worked at the Ross in the Meadows and on Hoyt Ave. during the 80's when I was in college.
Shakeys Pizza... I remember Howie Snider was the owner, and he use to sing and play the banjo. Him and his family were featured in a PBS special on "Middletown Revisited" sometime in the early 80's. Middletown
The North Walnut St. Fieldhouse. As a kid from Yorktown, this was enemy territory! So many great games, and great players. My favorite is still the 1978 Sectional game between the Yorktown Tigers and the Muncie Central Bearcats. What a battle, 3 OT's, Yorktown had them beat in the 1st OT, all Alvin Fields had to do was sink one of two foul shots and we win... he missed both, and the Cats went on to win the state.


Blast From The Past
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Different views of the old Holiday Inn on South Madison (circa 60's-70's). Notice the WLBC tower off to the left in two of the shots.


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