DVD-170 pro
DVD-612, 622, 700, 701, 703, 710, 711, 712, 715, 718, 722, 730, 736K, 750, 752, 825, 865AT, 930, 935, 950, 955, 956, 958, 960

DVDR-980, DVDR-985, DVDR-1000

Q40, Q50

other models not listed here may work too

You will need a One-4-All universal remote for this, or alternatively build your own special remote Philips RC6 code generator - how to build one for about $3!!

1.  Set up the remote with the code 0539.
2.  Press the MAGIC (or SETUP) button.
3.  Press 085.  The display should read '----'
3a. NOTE: For players such as the Philips DVDR-980, DVDR-985 and DVDR-1000 units, you will need to use the code 121 212 005 255 instead.
4.  Enter the following with the normal Philips remote:

222 222 005 PLAY

5.  The player should now be region-free.

On newer models, there appears to be 11 spaces in which to enter a code.  In this case, enter the following:

222 222 222 005

or try

222 222 005 255

Entering this means that all 11 spaces are filled and the 5 appears on the line underneath, in the protion of the display that shows how many tracks are on the disc.

The One-4-All remote that definitely works is the digital version available from Argos ( - the code for which is  534/0521.

Other ways to generate the RC6 code:

OneForAll (URC7560):

1. The remote should be set up to control the DVD (setup code 0539).
2. Press the DVD button.
3. Press the Magic button.
4. Press 085.
5. The familiar dashes on the front panel display should appear.
6. Enter the region hack code as above.

OneForAll 6(URC4300):

1. Here, you need to change the AUX2 button to a DVD button.
2. Go to Select the European English site.
3. Click on Product Support at the top of the page.
4. Click on Universal Remote Controls.
5. Click on One for All 6 at the bottom of the page.
6. You have to register to gain access (quick and the password arrives in the mail)
7. Click Next at the bottom of the page.
8. Select from Laser Disc Players menu Philips -1 (this is what contains the Philips DVD codes).
9. Click Submit at the bottom of the page.
10. Follow the on-screen instructions to program the remote.
11. Click Next.
12. This page tells you how to test which code will work.
13. The Philips 710 model is the 7 key.
14. The remote can now be used to program the RC6 and the hack can be applied.

Palm V:

1. You need to use the OmniRemote software from Pacific Neo-Tek, which converts the Palm into a remote control.
2. A PDB file will be needed to use the RC6 code - download it here.
3. When you use this file, you will see an Omniremote screen with the 'secret' key.   Press this key to chnage the DVD player's display to get the dashes onscreen, after which you can then enter the hack.

Philips Pronto:

1. Connect the Pronto to your PC.
2. Start the Pronto Edit version 1.05.
3. From the menu, select Device followed by Add Device.  A new device will appear in the list on the left.
4. Go to the Device Properties for the newly added device.
5. Go to the Action tab.
6. Click RC5/6.  A new window will appear.  Select RC6 mode 0.
7. Enter the value 4 at System.
8. At the Command, enter 235.
9. Press OK when you're ready.
10. To transmit the code, do NOT disconnect the Pronto from the PC, start the IR test by clicking: test IR.
11. The DVD player's display will change to the dashes required for entering the region hack.


Philips SBC RU880:

1. Push on the keys 1 and 6 for 5 seconds.
2. The display of the RC indicates SYNTH.
3. Release the keys.
4. The display indicates CODE.
5. Press 235.
6. The DVD player will then show the dashes required for the region hack to work.

Yes for 701,710, 736K


DVD-707, 729, 751 1. Using the Philips remote control, press power and open the tray of the player.
2. Key in the following: 8, 4, 2, 1.
3. ---- should appear in the top left porion of the screen.
4. Press Select on the remote control and continue to press until the desired region is selected or 9 is displayed for region free.
5. Press Close.
Note - these are Australian models.


DFR 1600
1. Press the System button on the remote control.
2. Using the remote control, key in the following: 1, 6, 7.
3. A box should appear asking for a new region.
4. Enter the number of the desired region, or press the Mute button for region free.


DVD 704
DVD 953
1. Make sure there is no disc in the player when you turn it on.
2. Using the remote control, key in the following: Pause, 3, 1, 4, 1, 5, 9.
3. Press the number for the required region, or 0 for region free.
4. Press Pause on the remote control.
5. Turn the player off and the player is set.


DVD 762
1. Open the player's tray.
2. Using the remote control, key in the following: 1, 1, 1, 1, followed by the required region, or 0 for region free.


DVD 870P Region 1 playback:

1. Press Play and 1, 5, 9, then enter 005 000 128 156.

Region 2 playback:

1. Press Play and 1, 5, 9, then enter 013 000 128 156.



DVD Q40 Remove Macrovision and Region Select:

1. Make sure there is no disc in the tray.
2. Press Setup and then 3, 1, 1, 4, 7, 5.
3. A hidden menu should appear saying YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE, where you can turn Macrovision off and set region number.



If the above hack(s) work for you, then my job is done!  If not, then others need to know that the hack may not work at all!   Either way, contact me and confirm the hack as working or not, quoting the make, model and firmware revision of the player.

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