Maureen Still
“When God closes a door, somewhere He opens up a window.”

For Maureen Still this is an appropriate maxim. After years of writing and performing in rock bands, piano bars, and coffee shops, Maureen decided to leave the music industry and dedicate her time to her husband and growing family. Life was full of changes and though she never stopped writing, her motivation and inspiration for her music turned to her family, friends and love for the Lord. His blessings are abundant in her life and Maureen felt sharing these blessings with others was the calling she must follow.

In 1990, Maureen was instrumental in the formation of Power of One, a young adult church choir. She began singing with Power of One in churches, concerts and benefits across Western Washington. With Maureen's leadership, Power of One experienced many successes including two album recordings, traveling to Rome to sing for an audience with Pope John Paul II in 1994, and performing as backup choir to Celine Dion in her March 1997 Seattle concert.

Maureen went into the studio to record her first solo album, "Hangin' With the Angels", in 1995. This album featured a compilation of original music chosen to lift hearts and raise consciousness. She used this album as a platform for her concerts. Songs such as "Sleeping In the Garden" and "Follow Your Heart" deal with the trials of faith, and "I'm Coming Home" and "Mary's Son" tear at the heart-strings and leave one with a true feeling of God's love.

With the support of J.R., her husband, their three beautiful children, and the success of her first album, Maureen released her second offering, "A Little Bit of Faith", in Spring 1999. A decidedly more acoustic sound with a raw edge and a celebration of spirit, Maureen gives us a look at the real challenges and moral choices facing us in this modern and sometimes troublesome world of today.

Maureen NEVER stops creating and as always, she writes from the heart, inspired by her family and friends. She is able to capture even the most complex and difficult emotions and express them so clearly you'd think she reached right into your soul and wrote the words you didn't even know you were searching for! This point could not have been made more clear than with her third release, "Prayers From The Deep End". This collection is decidedly "deeper" indeed than her previous offerings and truly shows her growth as both a songwriter and performer. Many of the songs on "...Deep End" are written from an intense and profound place in life, but as Maureen says, "I think I write some of my best stuff from these experiences and I always come out stronger--stronger in my relationships with the people in my life and stronger in my relationship with God".

The music and lyrics range from beautiful and thoughtful ("Mother's Prayer", "I Am Strong") to haunting and heart wrenching ("The Fight"). As the listener, Maureen allows us into personal places that few songwriters are willing to share. On the lighter side, there is plenty of joy and laughter to be heard on both "Ice Cream Instead" and "Teach Me Lord". While "Stand Up" and "Walk the Walk" get downright funky! One can't help but smile listening to the wonderful tribute to her husband of 17 years in "Walk With Me".

Maureen reminds us that life and relationships are sometimes difficult and often not what we have planned. However, when we're focused on God's love and His plan for us, it is always rewarding.

Maureen also brings your ordinary days to life with simple yet beautifully touching songs of praise and encouragement. Even when everyday just seems to run into the next and you're between the valleys and peaks in your life, Jesus is there--in your everyday. So aptly named, "Everyday" is Maureen's latest CD released in February 2003, which lifts the spirit in the joy He has promised us all, even in our everyday lives. When your heart can't find the words, soul, trust, courage or strength, "Everyday" will bring you to renewal in spirit and ease that everyday kind of day. Make everyday less an ordinary day and more a celebration of the gift of this everyday moment!

These four albums helped further her music ministry as she continues to celebrate God's presence in her life through her writing, concerts, and appearances. By following her calling, she gives us an inspirational message carried on music and vocals that provoke and make you want to hear more.

The Band
Since the beginning of her solo career, Maureen has surrounded herself with an eclectic group of talented musicians and vocalists. Most of the members began (and still belong) in the Christian group Power of One and have been singing and playing together for over 11 years. Maureen considers her band her extended family and gives them much credit in the formation of her music. "I write the words and melodies but my friends/band are the ones that breath life into them." In fact, the "ties that bind" are much stronger than the music alone in this group. The members of The Maureen Still Band co-produce her albums, manage her website and communication, coordinate concerts and travel plans, mind mailing lists, sell CD's, handle her accounts, design posters and business cards, run sound and recordings, provide photography and collectively manage and promote their ministry! They BELIEVE in the music and incorporate it into their full lives, families and their "day jobs".
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