Characters Background

  Here is a brief description of all 15 characters involved in the original Pwinch Wars game. Again, those description may or may not reflect reality (guys, if you are reading this, remember that it's just for fun. Don't unleash your lawyer on me).

Bello: This is the ninja or Chuck Norris-inspired guy who will always be ready to play some crazy games like Pwinch Wars. Any bold ideas are never bold enough for this guy. On his free time, he likes to fire some quarrels with his crossbow or hunt muskrat with his .12 caliber. He is a fierce opponent to fight so you better have him on your team.

M. Blou and Jack: The Blou Brothers! Jack is the funny intellectual guy who always have a joke to provoke anyone. He intend to make a career in filmmaking but sometimes needs a little distraction and is willing to follow his friends in some weird activities. M. Blou is a more sportive and serious guy. He knows all jersey numbers of every NHL players so hockey is his game but Pwinch will do the thing on a hot summer night.

Big Stef and Yvono: The Contoy Brothers! These are tough guys raised in a family where football is a tradition and a religion. They are not really fast or handy when playing dexterity games like Pwinch but have the will to play and fight.

Nol: The pseudo-scientist of the gang. When it becomes dull in Pepin Street, Nolo often has new game ideas out of nothing. Just give him a ball, a stick, a shovel, a golf club and a banana and he will invent a new game with these accessories.

Cartier, Erick and Pascal: The Cartier Brothers! You almost always get them togheter when playing baseball, hockey or Pwinch. Cartier is a coach-like guy who likes to boost the moral of his two other brothers or teammates and it sometimes get really irritating.

Bud, Pat and Toto: The Bud Brothers! It is not easy to get them in a game because they are simply not motivated enough. And their parents want them to take time to rest and digest their food after a meal before doing anything! But when diplomacy succeed and they are in, they make cool teammates.

Trot: If, for some guys in the gang, ideas are never too crazy, they are always too crazy for Trot. He his hard to convince to play new things and when he accepts, he never plays for long. Nonetheless, he is like a leader in the gang and his presence is always required. He his the friendliest guy but is tall and tough enough to have kept the Champ Title in the wrestling parties of the gang a very long time (until Nol got it for a few days and then Yvono until now).

Demis: The pure intellectual of the gang. Ask him if he thinks our universe is, in fact, a molecule in the spaghetti plate of some deity and you will get his attention. He enjoy new ideas but really requires bodygards for game that happens in the forest on a dark night (like Pwinch): Hey, you never know! You can encounter a pack of zombies at the turn of the trail.

Guil: The thin, fast, sporty, handy greek god of the gang. His parents wanted to make a hockey star out of him but he found himself more attracted to history and politics. Needless to say that he his nonetheless a Gretzky in hockey games in Pepin street and makes the other guys all look like Wally Weir or some goons. A great Pwincher to have on your side if you don't want to be out of the game the next minute.

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