Imperial Unit Chart
Units Dice VS Inf. Dice VS Veh. Resistance Range Movement Transport Special Hability
Imp. Army Regiment 1D6 1D4 1 4 3
Stormtrooper 1D8 1D6 2 4 3
Scout 1D4+2 1D4+2 1 2 6 A
Dark Trooper 1D8+1 1D6+1 3 4 3 B
Battle Droid 1D12 1D8 1 4 2
AT-ST 1D8 1D8 2 6 5
AT-AT 1D12+1 1D12+1 6 12 2 4 D*,F,H
Jaggernaud 1D12+1 1D12+1 5 8 3 5 E,F
Compact Assault Veh. 1D8+1 1D8+1 2 6 8 E
Mobile Command 1D8 1D8 5 6 5 1 E,G
Floating Fortress 1D10+1 1D10+1 5 8 5 1 C,D,F
Recon Hovercraft 1D8 1D8 2 6 10 1 A
Command Speeder 1D6 1D6 4 6 5
Repulsorlift Skid 1D6 1D6 1 6 12

A= Unit has ability to coordinate support weapon firing
B= Unit has 3 Force pts at beginning of game that can be used to increase dice level as explained in Jedis Rule
C= All enemy units moving adjacent this unit must roll 1d6. On 1-3, enemy unit must stop movement.
D= Unit can transform a building hex into rubbles. It must be adjacent to building and use all its movement pts. A rubble marker is then placed on building. When an asterisk is joined to letter D*, player must roll 1d6. A roll of 1 means the unit is detroyed while doing this action. A roll of 2 means unit lose ability to move and its attack dice level is reduced by three.
E= If unit move all its movement allowance on road, it can gain 2 more hexes moved on road.
F= Can detroy building by firing
G= If a leader counter is stacked with this unit, the effect radius of leader becomes 4
H= Unit has a  facing of 2 hexsides wich represent its frontside. It can only fire in this arc. Unit can spend 1 mov pt to rotate and gain new firing angle.

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