1-Clash at Kaldar Prison: Some captured Rebel fighters have been interned for many years at the Kaldar Detention Complex. They have prepared a small insurrection that went exactly as planned, with all guards killed or locked into cells. They also took control of weapons and communication systems, enough to call for a much muscled Alliance intervention and hold for some hours until their arrival. The action in this scenario take place after the insurrection. The prisonners are near or in the Detention Complex and the Empire is trying to regroup for a counter-attack.

Game duration: 12 turns

Map: city

Alliance forces:
-start: 10 Guerrilas (prisonners) to be placed in any hexes of the Detention Complex (wich includes 1 big building and 3 small ones, 4 hexes of forest and any clear hexes within the Complex perimeter and not out of the rectangle formed by streets to the west, east and south).
-Alliance arrival (turn 2): 2 Scouts, 8 Rebel Army Regiments, 1 Heavy Scout, 2 Caak Speeders, 2 Air Speeders. Those units start out of the map and must be entered through the south side of the map.

Imperial forces:
-start: 8 Imperial Army Regiment to be placed anywhere on the map but outside the Detention Complex rectangle.
-reinforcements (turn 4): 4 Stormtroopers, 2 AT-ST, 1 Floating Fortress. Those units are out of the map and arrive from the west side of the map.

-Alliance: Hold the complex and protect the prisonners long enough for an evacuation that will happen at the end of turn 12. 2 victory points are allowed for each prisonner freed (not dead at turn 12).
-Empire: Tame this riot as fast as possible. 1 victory point for each prisonner eliminated and 5 points if all the 4 buldings of the Detention Complex are occupied by at least one Imperial unit.

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