About "The Lone Touti Hideout"

This site is about board games, nothing more, nothing less. Since the arrival of computers and game consoles on the market, with their high resolution graphics and surround sounds, board games seem to be somehow obsolete. But are they really? We, at the Lone Touti Hideout, believe that there is still a place for that kind of gaming. That is why we give some of our time to conceive and test some games for the only purpose of distributing them freely on this site. To actually make a game is a great hobby and gives a challenge to our imagination and patience. Playing those games will give you some great occasions for social meetings. Take a little time to download and print the material we offer, glue components on cardboard when necessary, then play the game with some friends. Not to forget: a big bag of chips and some Coke cans. Of course, feedbacks will always be welcomed afterwards.

For those who maybe concerned, we do not violate any law concerning copyrights as the stuff we distribute is free and that we mention on each of our game page, when necessary, the source from wich the subjet, theme or characters were borrowed.

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