Full membership
The World Puzzle Federation (WPF) is an association of legal bodies with an interest in puzzles. Only one member per country can belong to the WPF. The WPF follows the Olympic standard in what constitutes a country.
Below are the countries represented in the WPF and information on the legal bodies representing those countries. Most countries are represented by national puzzle federations, puzzle clubs or leading publishers of puzzle magazines.

Individual Membership
Individuals can become individual members which entitles them to a subscription to the Newsletter and to participating in the World Puzzle Championship (WPC) if:
- their country is not yet represented there, and if
- there are not more than four individual members from a country. In case there are more than four individual members from a country that is not yet a WPF member, the board of the WPF will decide who will participate.

1. Criteria for membership and the membership fee
Following is the relevant section from the WPF's Rules and Regulations. See also www.worldpuzzle.org/about/governance/regulations/membership.html

2. Membership
2-1 The minimum annual membership fee will be 250 euros. Exceptions can be made by the board.
2-2 The benefits of membership include:
- Right to use the WPF logo;
- Right to publish WPF puzzles (beginning in 2000) in the member's home country, including those from WPCs and
qualifying tournaments of other WPF members;
- Right to send a team to the World Puzzle Championship;
- Right to vote on WPF matters during a general assembly.
The criteria for WPF membership are:
- Conducting open, national qualifying tournaments to select members of a WPC team;
- Promoting and publicising these tournaments;
- Encouraging quality and innovation in puzzling;
- Representing the interests of the WPF in the member's country. Membership can be possible without meeting these criteria, but only as long as there are no applicants from the same country meeting all these criteria.
2-4 If a country is already represented in the WPF and a second group would also like to represent that country, the board will first encourage the two groups to work together. If that is not possible, then the second group should apply for membership in writing, explaining why it would be a better representative for the country than the existing member. The board should study the proposal and make a decision, carefully considering the criteria outlined above.
2-5 The WPF will follow International Olympic Committee criteria in deciding which countries are eligible to be admitted to membership and to complete in the WPC.
2-6 Personal memberships will also be available to individuals. The fee will be 50 euros/year. The benefits of personal membership include:
- Subscription to the WPF newsletter;
- Right to visit all parts of the WPF website and to participate in online activities;
- Right to participate in the WPC if the person's country is not already represented by a national team.