Sign and signal links

Traffic signal & road sign sites.

Expressway.  Great site showing lots of Australian road signs

Signalfan.  The "mandatory" link for any traffic signal related site. 
Traffic signals and road signs (US). Covers Signalfan's collection plus some history, 

Webshots - Australian road signs  Collection of photos of animal warning signs and others.

Brad's Australian Highways Page.  For all things "roadly".
Some information and photos of highways and their attendant roadside furniture (signs).

Marshalite - Museum Victoria.  Pdf file.  Information on the clock face signals that used to be in some Melbourne suburbs. It says here that the last was in use until 1966. Yet I remember seeing them in the late 1970's, having not being born until 1967.  Acrobat reader required to view.

Ron Ayers - Traffic Control page.   University of Southern Queensland.
Photos of road signs and descriptions of traffic control devices. Also a railway section elsewhere on this site.

AAroads.  A few interesting Australian photos on a US site.

N scale traffic signals  Gavin Miller's tiny working traffic signals

Bartolomeo Mecánico  All road signs are not created equal. 
A site showing the major and minor detail differences of similar signs around the world.

Animated traffic signal gifs   Showing how signals are phased in different countries.

Berkshire Junction   Model traffic lights for model railways.

C64 unlimited  Hands up all those who had a Commodore 64 computer? This site should bring back many memories. But the reason for the link here is simply because the game "Traffic" is available for download here. You can also download a C64 emulator and play Traffic (or any other C64 game) on your pc.
Traffic is a game where you look down on a city and control the traffic lights to keep the streets free from gridlock.
The game also has the most laughable attempt of synthesized speech I've ever heard. How technology has improved since then.  :)

Road sign  or Traffic light suppliers - Australia.    (a selection)

Aldridge Traffic systems  Traffic signal manufacturers.

Artcraft    Supplier of Australian road signs, road safety equipment  and more.

Bob Panich  Traffic signal consultants and suppliers.

DeNeefe   Supplier of Australian road signs, road safety equipment  and more.

Hartac  Supplier of Australian road signs, safety signs, humourous signs  and more.

RSEA  Supplier of Australian road signs, road safety equipment  and more.

Safety Plus Signs  Traffic and safety signs

Railway sites.

Railpage.  For just about everything railway related in Australia. Trams too.

The Signalbox.  Covers mechanical railway signalling in the UK and elsewhere.

The Signalbox - Australia.  The Australian page of the above site.

VicSig.  Victorian Railways signals and signalboxes.
Also lists and diagrams of 2 and 3 position signals and their meanings.

SIGWA.  Signalling Interest Group of Western Australia.

Westinghouse signals - Invensys   Westinghouse signals Australia.

Getting active at Passive Crossings.  Monash University site detailing a symposium of 
Passive railway crossings. That is, crossings without any active warning systems like bells, gates or lights.

Western Australia  - Railway Crossings  Page of information.

Road safety publication  - Railway Crossing safety  Another WA page.

Related interests.

Michael's Home Page.  Contains Australia's most comprehensive listing of kilometre posts (to my knowledge anyway :)  as well as an Australian street light site. And quite a lot of other stuff.

Australian license plates Or as most us here call them. Number plates.
Photos of some of the many varieties.

Dion Rinaldi - Australian number plates.   Another site showing the huge variety of Australian number plates that most of us don't realise exist.

OzPoles.  This site has photos of those other kinds of street furniture. Power poles and transformers. Also streetlights and signs (yay).

RoadsVic. Site covering the various routes and associated details in Victoria.

Johnny Highway ConeThe true story of traffic cones. (humour)

AmtrekThis site really has nothing to do with the subject of signs or signals.
But I haven't let that stop me from including it here. The site is a brilliant send-up of Amtrak. Operators of the US passenger rail  service. If you possess a sense of humour, give it a work out here.

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