Thur. August 26, 99.

My great-aunt just passed the way this afternoon. This tragic incident has really shaken my family and relatives up. My great-aunt was only about 60 and had always been in great health. Her death was just so sudden and there's no warning sign or anything like that. It's like one minute, she's this walking talking person and the next minute she's in critical condition.

This makes me realize that life is really fragile. We should get the most out of life. If there's something you really want to do and it doesn't hurt anybody, just go ahead and do it. If you care about someone, treat that person nicely before it's too late. Know what your priorities are, so that you can make the right decisions and won't regret them later. Don't let tiny, little things get to your nerves because they're not worth the time.

Fri. November 5, 99.

I read in the newspaper that a surgent in HK talked on the cell phone during an operation. Somehow, something went wrong and the patient had to undergo surgery again. A doctor wrote in the newspaper that he didn't think that it was a big deal because some surgents listen to music during surgery.

I found this incident quite outrageous. It's people's lifes that we're talking about here. And those people are doctors, for crying out loud! They should know better. First, you are not supposed to use cell phones in anywhere in the hospital because the signals of cell phones interfere with the machines. In Toronto, people have to turn off the cell phones once they enter the hospitals. People can't even use cell phones in the cafeterias, not to mention the operating rooms. Second, listening to music and talking on the phone are totally two different things. Listening to music doesn't talk up much of a person's attention. However, talking on the phone about selling/ buying cars uses up much of a person's attention. It definitely interferes with performing operation, which requires so much concentration.

I truely believe that for professionals like the doctors, counsellors, and police etc., they should have some kind of assessment after their training to make sure that they have ethics and morales.

Sun. April 9, 00.

I came back from a 3 days trip to Indianapolis. I went there for the interview for U of Indianapolis. I was quite nervous at first because I've never traveled by myself before. However, this is a very pleasant experience for me. I met many interesting people. Also, everyone was friendly and tried his/her best to make me feel at home.

Many thanks to Blas, Danielle, Michael, Dan, and Rebecca. I'm really grateful that you took the time to show me around the city despite your busy schedule. Best wishes to each and everyone of you. ^0^

Sun. May 21, 00

Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Tony Leung was named best actor at Cannes International for his performance in In The Mood For Love.  I'm so happy for him because last year he only lost by one vote.

I think Tony's a great actor and he can express so much just with his eyes.  I especially love his performance in Chung King Express.

Sat. January 27, 01.

Last night I read a novel called, The First Intimate Contact. It's by a Taiwanese graduate student, jht. I was very amazed by the fact that he was able to finish a novel while studying in a graduate program. I got very inspired and wondered that maybe I could do it too. Thus today, I started to work on this homepage again. Thanks, Crystal, for lending the book to me. And thanks, jht, for the inspiration.

Sun. March 25, 01.

Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon won 4 awards (Best Foreign Film, Best Cinematography: Peter Pau, Best Original Score: Tam Dun, and Best Art/Set Direction: Tim Yip) at the 73rd Academy Award.  I'm so happy for everyone who was involved in the making for that movie.

I think it was really cute how Peter Pau did his "thank you" speech.  He fired the names off in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin like he didn't need to breathe. =)  I'm really glad that Tam Dun got the award for Best Original Score.  His music is so different.  He blends elements of Chinese and Western music so beautifully together.  I attended his concert once.  I was so amazed that he could create the impression of Chinese music with Western instruments.  So, thank you, Michael, for taking me to that concert. =)

Thur. March 29, 01.

I did the presentation of my life in class tonight.  I've always felt that presentations are supposed to be fun but they are seldom so.  I got so excited when I made the decision to do this presentation unconventionally.

I started out with giving out candies to everyone because we've all had a tough week and everyone was half dead.  Instead of standing, I gave my presentation sitting on the desk.  I showed a video clip, played CDs, showed pictures and comic strips of Calvin and Hobbes, and told jokes throughout.  I even sang one verse of Barenakes Ladies' One Week.

I'm so grateful that I had an opportunity to do such a fun presentation.  It's definitely a once in a lifetime.  It's unlikely that I'll ever meet such an open minded professor, have such nice people as classmates, and have such an interesting topic.  I couldn't have given such a presentation if any one of the three conditions was missing.  So thank you all of you.  I hope that you all enjoyed my presentation.

Sat. July 28, 01 to Sun. Aug. 12, 01.

I visited Shanghai, Xian, Beijing, and Hong Kong for 3 three weeks. I'm considered to be a real man? woman? now because I've climbed the Great Wall.

I had a lot of fun. The only thing I'd complain about this trip is the hot weather. When summer school ended, I was so happy that I didn't need to stay in Indianapolis for its hot summer. But then I went to China, which is hotter than Indianapolis.

This trip is very special and memorable. I'm very grateful that my mom let me take this trip.

Tue. Sep. 11, 01.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw the second tower of the World Trade Center collapsing. Even though I'm not an American and I don't know anyone in NYC, I still felt very awful. Finally, I turned off the TV because I couldn't watch it anymore.

Life is so short and fragile. I'll cherish every second I get to spend with my friends because I never know whether it is our final goodbye...

Mon. Oct. 29, 01.

風箏 孫燕姿

曲:李偲菘 詞:易家揚

我不要 將你多綁住一秒

我也知道 天空多美妙

請你 替我瞧一瞧


一眨眼 不見了

誰把它的線剪斷了 你知不知道


路太遠 我忘了





喔 也許你呀不會聽到

把夢想找到 要過得更好

我不要 陷入愛情的低潮

我會微笑 眼淚不准掉

我很好 後來的你好不好

你會知道 我沒有走掉

回憶 飛進風裡了


Tue. Sep. 3, 02.

I just heard the news that Blas Davila passed away last Saturday because of a heart failure. The news came at a shock to me because I never thought that I would never see him again. I thought that the worst that could happen is that he would retire because of his health.

It is not possible to describe how important Blas is to the Graduate Psychology Program at U of I. He was always so friendly and helpful to everyone. He was always there for the students. I was fortunate enough to have him as my practicum supervisor last year and I wouldn't have made it without him. He's just a life saver. The Psych office will never be the same without his cheerful face, his jokes, and his magic tricks.

Blas, I'll always remember you.

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