Essay competition


Essay competition was held at various levels. Best essays were displayed. Some of the best essays were written by:


"Litter in My World" by Shiraz Akram.


The litter in my world may be small compared to others. The only times littering got my attention was when I went on school trips. The school bus would pass by neighborhoods and streets, where trash was all over the place.

It looked cold and ugly. It was the first time it made me feel, how sad for those kids who had to play there. It looked as if trash grew there, instead of flowers. And as if a child had taken a crayon, and colored the houses, the trees, and the sky, all gray.

Maybe, this is where I feel thankful. I am thankful I live on a clean street, where people take good care of their neighborhood. I see how my parents tend to the lawn and the garden. And my mother is always sweeping up the sidewalk and the street. Even though I don't have a littering problem in my own backyard, I am still affected by it because I share the same world with you.

So I hope you and I can share the work to help reduce the littering problem. We can start by throwing trash in the trashcans and keeping our property and neighborhood clean. I think it would be fun to organize an outdoor cleaning with the family.

My favorite way to help is to recycle. Recycling reduces a great amount of waste. Most important of all, I think the grown-ups should educate their children about littering, and how it leads to pollution.

Ever since I had to write this essay, my eyes have been more open to the littering around me. I see litter in places that I've never really noticed before. And it makes me wonder why people don't use the trashcans provided for them in the public places.

Through my past and present experiences, I know that littering takes away beauty and pride to a neighborhood. It makes unsafe places for kids to play in. And littering creates pollution that hurts our environment and living organisms.

Remember, the world is your home, not your trash can!



Environment means surroundings. we have destroyed our mother nature because of our carelessness .
we should get rid of all the wastes, in a proper way. So that we are safe from diseases.
we need to encourage growing of trees and plantation. It is also necessary to protect forests for a clean and healthy atmosphere.
Setting up of factories away from our homes is also important. Moreover, usage of dustbins should be encouraged. So, kids join hands and start a campaign to spread awareness.
If we start cleaning up today, our earth may once again become clean and green as it was once before.



Man is a social animal and he is known from his behavior, attitudes way of living, appearance and manners in society.
Pakistan is our be loved country. It's our responsibility to keep our country clean.
It becomes a trend in our society that most educated and well mannered people when visit public places through litter carelessly on ground.
They don't use litter bin's which are kept everywhere.
Litter -lout don't care their country. Now ,it's our duty to tell them about this bad habit and we should also be careful about that matter first we should start from our home than neighbors school city and then the whole country.
we should also teach our younger that putting litter on public places is very bad. we should take care of our country and our self also. In this way we become good citizens of Pakistan.


"Litter in My World" by Noman.


Everyday I can find litter in my world. Litter is trash thrown on the ground by people who are careless. They don't think about how it affects land, water, air, animals, and people.

You can see litter almost everywhere you go. Sometimes it's very hard to spot, but other times you can't miss it. On our school playground, once in a while, I might see a lollipop or potato chip wrapper blowing by. In my neighborhood, I might see cigarette butts or a candy wrapper that has been thrown out of a car passing by. Sometimes birds peck at your trash bags and pull pieces of trash out of the bag, leaving your yard full of pieces of litter.

Have you ever been riding on a highway and looked out the window and noticed an old couch or many bags of trash sitting on the road? Some people will dump trash on the side of the road instead of taking it to the dump where it belongs. Some people litter in oceans, lakes, or streams.

What does this litter mean to the environment? Some trash may decay and go into the ground with no problem. Other trash may not decay and just stay there. If poisonous chemicals are dumped into the ground they may cause bad soil and sickness to the animals and people who live and play there. Water can become polluted from litter. Water pollution can kill fish, contaminate drinking water, and make the water unfit for swimming. The air that we breathe can also be polluted by litter.

Once I saw how litter affects animals. I saw a duck swimming in a stream. That was not so unusual. The unusual part was that the duck had a six-pack holder wrapped around its neck.

I have a responsibility not to litter. I also have a responsibility to pick up other peoples' litter. It all starts in my room, and then by picking up trash in my neighborhood and at my school. My good example will make others around me pick up litter. If everyone does their part we won't have litter problems.

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