Two OV15 Silverliners, the ultimate mercury-vapor suburban classics.  The one on the right has the original flat refractor, while the one on the left has been custom-fitted with a newer square refractor.  These lights are capable of light sizes up to 250 watts.  Some HPS versions also exist.
Another OV15 Silverliner (above left), 250-watt mercury, and OV15 Tudor full cutoff (above right), 100-watt HPS.
Two versions of the OV25 Silverliner:  The one on the left is the original 1957 design, and the newer 1964 design is on the right.  Both are 400-watt mercury vapor.  There are lots of HPS-lit OV25s with the 1964 design as well.
Another OV25 Silverliner (above left) and OV25 Tudor (above right).  Both are 400-watt mercury vapor.
A finned OV50 Silverliner, 700-watt mercury vapor.  Later versions of this luminaire (including the Cooper OVL, which was based on the OV50) do not have the fins.
A trio of OV25 Silverliners on a parking-lot pole, 400-watt mercury vapor.
Ahh...good times.  This pole has the two main rivals in the streetlighting industry, the GE M400A (left) and Westinghouse OV25 Silverliner (right).  Both of these luminaires are 400-watt mercury vapor.
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