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Searching for Cupcake dolls, this is the place to go.  I have information and images of just about every doll and accessory made and more.  Thanks for stopping by.
Thanks to Carlise for helping me identify some dolls.  I am trying to match the dolls with names so if you know any of the names or descriptions of dolls that are not here, e-mail me.
Roll your mouse over the picture to see a pic of all the itmes closed-up.
Here are a few images from the commercial:
1          2             3             4              5
Here is a commercial clip of the Sugar Shine dolls; you need Real Player to view it.
Check out the Radica Website for the new Cupcakes commercial
My Art
These are some drawings I have done of my own version of Cupcakes
Cocoa    Sherbet      Another Drawing   
Click here to check out my other non-Cupcake art stuff
Other People's Collection
If one of these is your collection please e-mail me and I will note the picture as yours.
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