P. J. Sparkles
P.J. Sparkles was created in 1988 by Mattel.  The story is of an unadopted orphan who wished upon a star and is sent to a place called Twinkle Town where she becomes their hero. Here is what the back of the video that came with one of the dolls says:
     " An orphan with no last name, P.J. has a special wish: "Someone to love." One night while out riding her faithful horse Blaze P.J. gets her wish- and much more when the "Wishign Star" shines its magic light on the little girl and her horse.
     P.J. is transported to the dismal gray world of Twinkle Town.  There they meet three new friends, Glimmer, Glowee, and Sparks, three lonely children who live there and have been wishing for, "Someone to love us."  The Wishing Star has turned Blaze into a noble, talking white charger and given P.J. a crown that talks!  Her waif's colthing has been turned into a brilliant, sparkling dress- which earns her a last name.  She is now P.J. Sparkles! And she's been give magic power- the most magical power of all- the magic of LOVE!
The promotional commercial jingle went something like this: "P.J. Sparkles shine a light on me. Shine! Shine! Shine!" Then a soloist sings "When ?I give you a hug, you light up with love."  Background girl  "Awww"  Soloist "All through the night, when I'm holding you tight" It ends with a chorus of "P.J. Sparkles Shine a light on me.  Shine! Shine! Shine!" (information found on inthe80s.com/tvcommercials
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Purple Bear Friend
PJ Sparkle Friend Bunny Soft Glimmer PJ Sparkles Crown Doll
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