Straw Star Instructions
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Mike had patiently helped me with these instructions. THANK YOU MIKE! =)

Note: I chose a regular drinking straw for viewing ease during demonstration, but the straws I used here are actually about 18 inches long and only 1/4 of an inch in diameter. They are also tinted transparent straws, so the color becomes more intense as the straw star gets more layers of wrapping.

fold straw in center at 90 degree angle

 bring left side down along the edge

 press down when complete

bring right side down along the edge

press down when complete 

view from the bottom after the first 3 folds (the bottom corner forms a right triangle)

fold the 2 crisscrossed ends away from the edge of the triangle

view from the top when the 2 ends are being folded away from the triangle at bottom

 press down when complete
By now, a triangular pocket has been formed. Repeat the above steps until you have 6 triangular pockets.

  view with the 6 triangular pockets

insert the 1st triangular pocket into the one closest to the 2 crisscrossed ends

There are now 5 corners forming the base of the straw star. Continue by wrapping the two ends around the star base in crisscross motion.
with the 2 ends, wrap the star base in crisscross motion

make sure to alternate the order of wrapping the ends

(do not wrap either end on top or bottom consecutively)

continue to wrap the 2 ends until when the straw is almost done
(or the star at desired size)

To finish the star, insert one end into the outer layer of the next side to be wrapped. then cut the excess from both ends. The straw star is now secure on its own.

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