Lipstickcat's Addictions
This is Irvine. He may look cute, but he's the guardian of the site, and he has mean claws. So play nice during your visit. I'm sure you will...
Welcome to Lipstickcat's Addictions, a place to archive my fan fiction and fan art, as well as other people's work that has made an impact on me.

Firstly, the obligatory warning. This site has a high yaoi and slash content, (yay!), not to mention that I'm yuri friendly, so the occasional yuri work can be found here as well. If you don't like same sex relationships, you really don't want to be here.

Within, you will find many different works. Some shonen-ai, some lemons that can't be dismissed as "affection for a friend", romance and plenty of fine bishonen having fun with each other;). Not everything will be to everyone's tastes, so remember to pay heed to the warnings. Hopefully, there's at least one thing to please all my visitors.

To enter, pet Irvine =^_^=

Have fun.

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